Specialising in the fabrication & supply of quality Australian made Windsocks for all environments including CASA specification Aviation Windsocks


Windsock Masts/Poles and associated equipment (including Anemometers) are also provided for Australian and overseas customers

We proudly supply windsocks to all Australian States and offshore

We welcome enquiries from any person or organisation

requiring a windsock


Our list of customers continues to expand and in addition to organisations such as RioTinto we extend our hand to ExxonMobil PNG, Bechtel, ConocoPhilllips, Monadelphous, QGC, Raw Construction (Perth Stadium), Hardi Australia, Kidman Pastoral. Georgina Pastoral, South 32, Epic Energy, Microflite, CHC Helicopters Australia, CRT Your Local Bloke, Simplot Australia, Bomaderry Bowling Club, Eagers Brisbane, Vanuatu International Airport (PIC)


Our dedication is to provide a quality product irrespective of the size of the organisation


The bonus in ordering from Weatherworks is that we do the whole ‘Turnkey’ package or Windsock System Solution ~ the Windsock, the Pole, the Bolt Cage and the Windsock Frame or Pivot so that you can keep track of what’s happening right through to getting the consignment loaded onto a truck  without having to go through a whole bevy of different suppliers- ‘the buck stops right here’ as they say!’


We have access to superb engineering capabilities and supply Windsocks and Poles to the furthest extremities of the continent and freight costs even for the larger 8.5m -12m Windsock Poles is not a big issue

Windsocks are not only used to determine wind direction but are also utilised to indicate safety zones with a wide variety of applications from airports to helicopter landing pads embracing  industrial, mining, construction, power generation as well as sporting, recreational and decorative uses 


 How to Order or Enquire

Please call our Windsocks Sales Team at:-

0417 096 202 or email or in the first instance to discuss your requirements; we try to be helpful and come up with the best windsock solution to suit you or your organisation. Please keep in mind that the design and production process can take some weeks so please be aware of this and order where possible well ahead


Some Factors to Consider 

  • We offer quality rather than cheapness
  • We offer a 12 months warranty against shredding of our supplied windsocks with the exception of extraordinary atmospheric conditions such as cyclones
  • We do ask however that should your windsock become prematurely shredded that the windsock be returned to us (at our cost) so that an inspection can be made to determine how we can improve
  • Our Poles and Masts  are designed to comply with AS Standards and Specifications
  • Magnetic Particle Testing can be arranged for welding on windsock poles or masts 
  • We want you as a customer or potential customer and ourselves to to be satisfied and confident in the windsock and accessories and to this end please do not mull over any problem relating to any aspect of the windsock system supplied but call us at 0417 096 202 or email

Approvals & Placement of Windsocks

  • We remind that CASA does not approve windsocks and there is no approval process; there is a recommended standard for major airports only 

  • Where prior inspection of a potential windsock site is involved arrangements can be made where feasible to discuss and jointly determine the suitability of the proposed site

  • The top of a hill or mound is not necessarily the best location for the placement of a windsock as wind conditions can vary considerably from conditions elsewhere 

  • The top of a hangar is also not great for windsock placement due to turbulence factors

  • In regards to windsock placement please be mindful of trees, buildings and other facilities as well as line of sight so that employees or other involved public can see the windsock(s)

Windsock Sizes ~ Includes conventional sizes although on request any size can be manufactured

  • 1.2m (4′) x 30-35cm (14 inch) Diameter~ Stainless Steel Bridle Harness/Rigging (where required)  and Stainless Steel Swivel and Eyelets

  • 1.5m (5′) x 35-45cm (14-18 inch) Diameter ~ Stainless Steel Bridle Harness /Rigging (where required) and Stainless Steel Swivel and Eyelets

  • 1.8m (6′) x 45-60cm (18-24 inch) Diameter ~ Stainless Steel Bridle Harness/Rigging (where required) and Stainless Steel Swivel and Eyelets

  • 2.4m (8′) x 60cm (24 inch) Diameter Heavy Duty with Eyelets or Stainless Steel Bridle Harness/Rigging (where required) – also available is our exclusive purpose built rotating  316 Stainless Steel Windsock Mounting Frame (sold separately)

  • 3.6m (12′) x 90cm (36 inch) Diameter Heavy Duty with Eyelets~ recommend purpose built rotating 316 Stainless Steel Windsock Mounting Frame (sold separately)

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or

We haven’t quite reached the size below yet but would hope to at some stage!


Windsock Features & Benefits

  • Triple stitching at the Mouth and Dual at the Tail (end) adds durability to the windsock

  • Eyelets, swivels are stainless steel and these last indefinitely

  • Exclusively stainless steel Bridle/Rigging to ensure additional life

  • Colour choice including all the Pantone colours as well as the very bright standout Neon Yellow and Neon Orange hues135cm (54″) 

  • Polyester materials used in the manufacture with Vinyl PU coating (Nylon is avoided due to its unsatisfactory UV resistance) 

  • Various weights of fabric ranging from light 145gsm to heavy duty 360gsm

  • Stainless Steel Swivels to attach the windsocks to a 360 degree  H/D SS Rotor Arm Pivot or Side Arm

  • Eyelets in lieu of Bridle Harness/ Rigging in SS to enable the windsocks to be laced or cable tied  to a Windsock Frame

  • Customised full colour printing of Logos, Company Name, Images, Lettering, Advertising Messages; ideally your request should be on a pdf @ 800+KB’s or similar

  • Stainless Steel Windsock Frames both Single and Dual with Ring/Mouth diameters from 35cm to 90cm (12″ to 36″) or larger by request

  • Illuminated and non-illuminated windsock Masts or Poles including Mains and Solar powered Poles

  • Side-Mounted windsock Poles for attaching to a building or structure

  • Fixed, Base Hinged or Mid-Hinged Poles in Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel or Marine Grade Aluminium 

  • Carbon Fibre Windsock Poles with added flexibility and less weight 
  • Bolt Cages with swivel capability to ensure the integrity and stability of our  windsock poles

  • Supplementary aids including hand-held Anemometers (Wind measuring instruments)  to enable accurate measurement and windsock shape at your location

 Windsock, Wind Cones, Wind Direction Indicators Applications


  • safety and evacuation planning
  • refrigeration, cold storage, food and beverage
  • petrochemicals, on-shore and off-shore oil & gas rigs
  • chlorine and wind-borne fumes and other gases
  • chemicals & sprays including pesticide drift
  • hospital helidecks, helipads, air ambulance stations 
  • construction, mining and quarrying
  • waste water and sewage treatment works
  • grain terminals, horticulture, farming
  • shipping, marine and ports
  • power stations, refineries, energy concerns
  • airports, airfields, heliports, private and light aircraft airstrips
  • aquatic and caravan centres
  • road and highway cross winds
  • skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, microlight and ultra light flying
  • child care centres, schools, colleges, institutions
  • home, business, local governments, cities and towns
  • bowling clubs, surf lifesaving clubs, archery clubs, football clubs
  • ski resorts, model aircraft clubs, race courses, fun runs, water sports, golf carts 
  • innovative forms of advertising
The best Windsock story (fact or fiction?) relates to Kevin Sheedy the master AFL coach;  May 11, 1991 – Windy Hill officials, at Sheedy’s request, tied down the windsock for the club’s game against West Coast to leave the visiting team clueless about the conditions at the ground ~ that’s what you’d call a master stroke!

Our windsock Customers & Assurances

Our windsock customers now number well over 200 valued clients ranging across all spheres of business, industry, government and recreational usage

  • We are  shipping windsock assemblies to all parts of Australia  as well as exporting windsocks and poles to countries such as Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and French Territories including New Caledonia 

  • From a durability viewpoint windsock material is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions but a yearly replacement of the windsock should be regarded as normal 

  • Notwithstanding replacement indicators Windsock Australia guarantees for 12 months against shedding with a no quibble replacement policy during this period

  • We are always looking to improve the end product and we welcome customer comments and feedback to help us to do things better

Windsock Custom Printing


  • Custom printing on windsocks is increasingly popular be it your company logo, name, message or other script

  • Ideally an already high resolution logo or name will help speed-up the process or you may well have access to a graphic designer

  • Email your design or logo and we will be able to provide an estimate both in time and outlay

  • Advise on the windsock colour your prefer and the colour of any  printing and we will digitally transfer the agreed lettering or logo onto your windsock

Customer Satisfaction

It is our aim to please and the standout Rio Tinto example shown was 1800mm (6′) length x 450mm (18″) Diameter Throat Opening in Bright Neon Orange with two company names for each Heavy-Duty Windsock 

The Windsocks for Rio Tinto were supplied with 6 metre length Aluminium Marine Grade Windsock Poles with further details (see below)

Truly a superb effort by all and completed inside two weeks; we like to keep our clients happy

We can do the same for your organisation

Just give us the opportunity and call us on  0417 096 202 in the first instance or email

Windsock Colour RangeWINDSOCK UP THERE CAZALY 432x

  • Windsock colours can vary widely with  White,  Neon Yellow & Neon Orange predominating

  • At the current time we are using 135gsm knitted polyester interlocked Triglobal fabric suitable for customised digital printing of windsocks 

Windsock Pivots & Windsock Mounting Frames

  • Our precision machined and assembled windsock frames, extended frames, Rotor Arm or Sidearm Pivots both medium and heavy duty we believe are the best available
  • Stainless steel bearings are utilised in the windsock frames and ACETAL bushes are used in the Rotor Arm Pivots

Windsock Poles / Posts / Masts

  • Windsock Poles or Masts likewise vary considerably based upon end use and location with both Heavy Duty Base Plate, In-Ground and Wall Mount ‘Swing Down’ Poles in demand be they in Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel

  • Mid-Hinged Poles are ideal in situations where space maybe at a premium and cherry pickers are not accessible

  • Poles materials likewise vary and we are able to supply Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and  Aluminium  poles ranging from 3m to 8.5m

  • Into this range also is our offering of Solar or Mains Powered WDI’s (Wind Direction Indicators) with 4-Way Illumination Mounts, cabling along with the necessary Certification

  • Increasingly there is a demand for our Portable Carbon Fibre Windsock Poles which can be erected quickly for Hazard and Emergency Response Units


Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

 0417 096 202 or




Bass wind chimes designed and precision made in Western Australia

The dulcet tones of our  elegant and superbly crafted giant wind chimes with the main tube measuring 1.35m in length or 54″ in the old scale x 75mm OD or if you will 2.4m from the top of the knot to the bottom of the wind chime sail

The wind chimes are meant to be hung outside when a permanent location has been selected and as such are built with heavy weather in mind

The tubes are engineered from ‘never-rust’ marine grade tempered Aluminium which has supposedly the best resonance of any metal with a massive 6.3mm wall thickness and a smooth powder-coat finish

Comes with pinned suspension cords in stainless steel which never rub against the chiming tubes or cause any interference with the sounds


The tones emanating from this custom tuned pentatonic scale are simply out of this world and truly a symphony of arresting sound whether it be in your garden or some other dedicated position

The longer the tube the lower the note and the bass wind chimes capture the the deep inspiring sounds which link us to nature and assist in taking away any tensions and promoting inner happiness; indeed the well-being generated from listening to this instrument can be likened to perfect Feng-Shui

Should you be located in a built-up area cognisance will need to be taken of the proximity of your neighbours

Hanging your wind chime is a consideration and it may be located in an outdoor area or better still if you are blessed with a large suitable tree then hand it from a robust branch but not necessarily too close to the tree trunk as the aim is to get the swaying branches to help ‘rock’ the wind chimes

Price $950.00 + GST + Freight

Initially we are offering the example above at $850.00 but be quick as we wouldn’t wish to disappoint

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or



Why a Stevenson Screen or Weather Box?

Instrument Screens are essential for good measurement and house thermometers and other instruments such as a Hygrometer to measure Relative Humidity

Stevenson Screens are common around the globe both in onshore and offshore operations including shipping operations 

They are used throughout the UK synoptic station network and indeed in Australia 

Weatherworks Australian version of the traditional Stevenson Screen has been extensively tested and adapted for our generally ‘hotter’ climate with an exclusive Dual Roof to allow increased air movement and accurate temperature and related measurements

Our Customers include Doray Minerals Deflector Mine Site, Government of SA -PIRSA Urrbrae, Water Corporation WA, ANSTO Lucas Heights NSW, GDF-Suez Pelican Power SA, Western Power WA, Integrated Industrial WA as well as numerous Lawn Bowls Clubs  


To find out more please call 0417 096 202

To Order please email:

Please note Pricing 

Stevenson Screen Kit $1355.00 + GST (elsewhere up to $2200 ex UK 6-8 weeks!)





Of importance is the placement of the Instrument Shelter being 1.2m from ground level and in the Southern Hemisphere having the door facing South being the side that does not get sunlight at any stage.

Instrument Shelters placed next to club BBQ’s, under shade-cloth or with the door facing in any other direction other than South will not necessarily be reliable as also Instrument Shelters built from cupboard or door louvers and and plywood or similar



Weatherwork’s Instrument Shelters are fabricated in Australia from high quality (and expensive) Polycarbonate and Polyester Powder-coated Aluminium framing; other componentry is marine quality weather resistant materials complying with the best elements of Stevenson Screens and are unique in Australia at this time

The characteristics of Weatherwork’s Stevenson Screens allows for the perfect balance  between  good ventilation and radiation protection which translates into a better time response and more accurate measurements of temperature and humidity

Our Customers

We have appreciated the response from mining companies, water corporation, bowling clubs and others who have purchased our unique Stevenson Screen and we can assure prospective buyers that our Stevenson Screens have been tested and verified 

We also guarantee the accuracy of our Stevenson Screens  from field testing both in-house and by external users

What the experts are saying

From the UK Met Office ~ “the performance need not suffer as with wooden Screens- because of the deterioration to paint work between the painting cycles. This screen (high performance plastic) remains white and glossy just with a quick occasional clean”

Reference: Results of an intercomparison of wooden and plastic thermometer screens~ D.B.Hatton Met Office. Beaufort Park, Easthampstead, Workingham, Berkshire UK

Call to find out more 08 9359 2582 / 0417 096 202 or

Digital Thermometers

We recommend high quality digital thermometers and we supply (FREE OF CHARGE) our highly recommend  TFA German Digital Thermometer for use with the Stevenson Screen which is an added reason to put the Weather Store Stevenson Screen on your wish list

Our recommended digital conversion (we still relish the analogue variety mind you) was prompted by the fact that Bowling Clubs or Team Captains need a quick and accurate measurement so that a decision can be made on the spot whether to continue a match or postpone the event due to excessive heat


Stevenson Screen Kit $1355.00 + GST (elsewhere up to $2200 ex UK 6-8 weeks!)

Dimensions Base 400mm x 400mm; Height 500mm; Roof 630 x 630mm Weight 20kg

The Stevenson Screen Kit includes the Weather Box; inside stand for Digital Thermometer; TFA  (German) Digital Max-Min Thermometer

We can quote on a suitable in-ground Stand for securely fixing the Stevenson Screen

The Stand is powder-coated White to match the Stevenson Screen 

We will also supply a bag of quick-set cement to ensure the Stevenson Screen stand is firmly set into the ground 


Key Features of Weatherwork’s Stevenson Screens include

  • Australian designed and made

  • Secure mounting of Thermometers inside the Stevenson Screen

  • Operating temperature range -50° to +80°

  • Long-lasting  double acrylic louvres with UV stabilisation

  • Double louvered to ensure accurate temperature readings

  • Double base for added strength and duarability

  • Nil maintenance (no painting!) just a wipe down every so often to remove dust

  • Superior in trials (UK) to wooden screens

  • No wooden componentry requiring  regular upkeep and painting

  • Arguably a state-of-the art instrument shelter made in Australia rather than being imported


  • Fabricated from high specification Polycarbonate
  • Aluminium framing with White powder coating

  • Stainless Steel (316) bolts, nuts and fixings
  • Aluminium rivets
  • UV stabilised Polycarbonate dual roof 
  • Thermoplastic reflective White louvres on the external sides
  • Thermoplastic non-reflective Black louvres on the internal sides
  •  Marine Polyamide UV stablilised door (pad-lockable door optional extra)   
  • Secure mounting(s) for thermometer and other instruments                            

Your Stevenson Screen needs to be: 

  • Away from walls, trees, concrete or bitumen footpaths, BBQ’s, Shadecloth

  • Fixed approximately 1.25m from ground level

  • In a position where air can circulate freely around the Screen

  • Cleaned  now and again (no painting is necessary)

  • Secured properly to avoid any vandalism and possibly unwanted removal  

For more information or to order a Stevenson Screen please call us on

08 9359 2582 / 0417 096 202 or




Mingle Instrument WW391 Weather Station

Measures temperature and humidity with style!

Mingle’s uncompromising quality in manufacturing precision weather and related instruments impresses customers and end users throughout the world

Applications Home,Office, Sports

♣ the perfect gift for professionals in any discipline

♣ excellent for temperature measurement ~ bowls, tennis, all sports

♣ excellent for any office with its superior chrome finish

♣ a quality temperature and humidity measuring instrument

♣ ideal for the home dining, games or family room

♣ suitable for schools, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, hospitals, courtyards and patios

♣ measures accurately the  in/outdoor environment


♣ large easy-to-read numbers

♣ bright graphics

♣ highly visible from a distance

♣ contemporary styling

♣ chrome metal casing

♣ no battery required

♣ non mercury

♣ diameter 206mm

♣ 12 months warranty

♣ conforms to European Œ standards

♣ pre-set, ready to use, no adjustment necessary

♣ factory tested and calibrated

♣  manufactured under ISO9001 for long-term accuracy

♣ exclusive to the Weather Store ~ Weatherworks


Price: $49.95 +GST + Postage

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

 0417 096 202 or














Weathervanes and Wind Vanes are back in style as a beautiful piece of art and a scientifically engineered precision weather instrument


2016-04-08 10.12.13


The contemportary and thoroughly modern unique  Wind Vane will operate in as little as a 0.5 kph breeze and can withstand cyclonic force winds

Originally derived from Fascinating Electronics the Wind Speed Cups are hand-spun aircraft grade Aluminum, as is the Laser-cut Wind direction Fin. Machined hardware is 316 grade  Stainless Steel. Precision fully-enclosed roller bearings insure a smooth flowing operation and long life

This is an ingenious weather instrument as well as a piece of art that you can  proudly display at your home,  school, business or sporting venue

Ideal for sports including lawn bowls, tennis, sailing, archery, rifle clubs where wind direction and conditions can be critical

In addition to its direct applications it serves as a  wonderful conversation starter

The  Wind Vane is guaranteed to be free from defects due to workmanship and materials used. Quality control is paramount. Mast is not included. Comes with assembly instructions


This classic piece of modern engineering not only enhances your property it  is a joy to watch in action

Owners become addicted to the presence of this useful weather addition and monitor it throughout the day. After owning one for a short time, nearly everyone says they could not part with it

Operates anywhere regardless of extreme hot or cold temperatures. Can be assembled in minutes using tools you already have.

Easy to follow assembly instructions and photos are included. UV resistant PVC is used for the piping structure and connecting caps (included). Wind velocity and wind direction components come pre-assembled,  balanced and ready to install.

The  Wind Vane is approximately 35cm tall and 35cm wide when assembled.

Will not disturb wildlife, birds, dogs, cats or other domestic animals


Precision Weathervane pricing

$349.00 + GST + Postage

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or





The Weather Store is offering  versatile digital
thermometers from TFA Germany~ one of the most trusted names in meteorological instruments

Shows indoor or outdoor temperatures and records the maximum and minimum temperatures measured in both places. It offers instant and accurate readings for a wide range of applications:


– Meteorology

– Bowling Clubs

– Refrigerators and Freezer

– Greenhouses & Hothouses

Vivariums and Terrariums

– Camper vans and Off-road situations

Electronic Maximum / Minimum Thermometer. This versatile electronic thermometer shows indoor or outdoor temperatures and records the maximum and minimum temperatures. It offers instant and accurate readings for a wide range of applications.

– Freeze Alert function

– Large Clear Display

– Integrated stand and hanging slot

– Shows both Max & Min temperature 

– 10 second sampling cycle

Size: 100mm x 75mm x 18mm

– Power: 1 x 1.5V batteries supplied

– Range: -50+70°C

Price: $69.90 + GST + Postage

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or








Gotta have a Weathervane!! Great prezzy for Grandad, Dad, Mum or the whole family

The Rooster (call him Harry; we did !) weathervane is great for your house, school, bowls club, golf club and any other club plus a myriad other locations; this is indeed a unique present and the rooster won’t upset the neighbours either

In fact Jerry has been rushing out the door and over 4000 of these little beauties have been sold (not all by us) so they must be good

P.S: The Rooster is not metal of any description but comes in high-tech Poly Carbonate


Weathervane Rooster Muli-Colour ( Made in Germany):  $89.90 + GST +  Postage

The rooster needs to be somewhere close where you can wish him the compliments of the day. Actually it’s a very comforting feeling to see the rooster happily swinging this way and that into the prevailing breeze and knowing he’ll be in the same spot when you arrive back



  • Comes Coloured only

  • Unassembled size 42cm ~ height 45cm being big enough to get noticed but without being too obtrusive

  • Warranted against defects

  • Not likely to crack up nor take off any time soon

Some Australian Background

Weathervanes are not a big item on houses in this country in contrast to Europe and indeed North America, blessed as we are with all sorts of other roof gizmos including TV aerials, air conditioners and such like to grace our buildings. We hope to gradually change attitudes and get you to appreciate these wonderful moving roof ornaments


Pricing  Rooster Weathervane

Weathervane Rooster Multi-Colour: $89.90 + GST + Postage

Please do not get this (Plastic) Rooster Weathervane confused with a steel or wrought iron Weathervanes in relation to pricing as these versions will set you back from $300 – $400 or more! We can do these also but there will be a waiting time


Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or








Our task cool as!

To improve Western Australian and Australian soils generally though volcanic rock dust remineralisation and revitalisation to add strength, flavour, colour as well as healthy goodness to your favourite vegies ~ better for your soil~ better for you ~ better for your family (this is not advertising chatter!)

Bread from Stones!

The Inspiration; just love this book–it’s about the oldest one we’ve read or at least ‘skim’ read!

Comes from a publication ‘Bread from Stones’ by Dr Julius Hensel Agricultural Chemist (1894) ” Powdered rock fertilisation improves soil structure, pH, plant nutrition, water retention and microbial activity”  Yes 1894— this is a great read although Dr Hensel tends to repeat himself a bit but he was spot on then and equally spot on now!

Further Inspiration

Read what Sabrina (Garden Guru) says in the Weekend West  (newspaper)  (also ABC) ” Rock Dust is very good to address mineral deficiencies ” or her off repeated advice “thrown in a handful of rock dust” and let’s face it the soil (read sand) certainly in many coastal areas of Western Australia and other parts of the continent appears from all accounts (and personal experience) to suffer from mineral deficiencies

More from Sabrina

Dwarf lemon tree (Lemonicious)   “—- you can add rock dust to the surface—”  West Aus Habitat Dec 14

Sunnypash passionfruit vine  “–Use rock dust—” West Aus Habitat Dec 14

Add also to your worm farm (good for digestion) as well as a compost activator for your compost heap (pile in the USA) providing a slow release of trace minerals and beneficial elements

How good is Basalt Volcanic Rock Dust?

Take the expert’s advice ——–“Buy basalt volcanic rock by the truck load (mind you we don’t sell truckloads although we have been asked for a semi load~ please see below). This natural fertiliser is accepted academically, commercially, ecologically and economically to grow the world’s food supply”

The expert here is unknown but it is pretty sound advice nevertheless

Please note we don’t sell Volcanic Rock Dust by the truckload only in buckets at this stage; see below 

Call 0417 096 202 or

The Solution!

The addition of Basalt Volcanic Rock Dust is a critical requirement to Western Australia’s mineral deficient soils as it rebalances soils with a bevy of trace elements and minerals (more below)

Premium Western Australian Volcanic Rock Dust is derived from freshly crushed and ground basaltic rocks sourced near Bunbury in Western Australia (an no we don’t get out there with a sledge-hammer!)

The Sustainability Store is proud to be able to promote another beneficial Western Australian sourced garden product with benefits for all; please give your soil a helping hand to restore its natural fertility

The beauty of Volcanic Rock Dust is that it provides a slow natural release of trace minerals and elements assisting plants in the absorption of nutrients

Volcanic rock dust is completely safe to use as well as being environmentally friendly and non toxic

Perhaps the best thing of all is that is that it is a chemically free soil remineralisation additive 

Having a wide range of contained minerals  it is a must for WA’s depleted sandy soils providing long-lasting benefits for soil health as well as reducing nutrient leaching and increasing productivity and water efficiency in domestic gardens and commercial agriculture alike

Technically our Volcanic Rock Dust has everything you need and is the only original 150 million years of age volcanic rock dust available

This is not ‘bull dust’ or some made-up creation with a fancy label; ask the WA Museum who have accurately dated this deposit

Beware of imitations; this is not just any old crushed gravel from your local quarry or the side of the road and those familiar with the ‘smell’ of volcanoes (including this author) can actually smell  and indeed visualise the formation of this product many millenniums ago


Volcanic Rock Dust Benefits

  • Improves soil fertility and water retention

  • Improves crop yields

  • Improves soil  health and structure

  • Improves mineral and nutrient content

  • Improves microbial activity

  • Improves soil pH balance

  • Improves water holding efficiency

  • Improves nutrient holding ability

  • Improves plant foliage

  • Improves root growth

  • Improves crop yields

  • Improves resistance to disease, fungus and insect pests

  • Improves vegie and herb gardens

  • Improves the taste of vegies and fruit

  • Improves compost and garden mulch

  • Improves worm farm health

  • Improves your garden budget (see below)

In sum, healthy soil = healthy crops and better for your garden and better for you

What’s in it? Chemical Analysis

Slow release trace minerals as well as:

  • Nitrogen N mg/Kg <50
  • Phosphorus p mg/Kg <5
  • Potassium K mg/Kg 160
  • Calcium Ca mg/Kg 310
  • Magnesium Mg mg/Kg 180
  • Copper Cu mg/Kmg 0.7
  • Zinc mg/Kg 0.4
  • Manganese Mn mg/Kg 1.7
  • Iron Fe mg/Kg 49
  • Cobalt Co mg/Kg < 0.5
  • Boron B mg/Kg < 0.5
  • Sulphur S mg/Kg 39
  • Molybdenum Mo  mg/Kg 1.3
  • Selenium Se mg/Kg <10             (Analysis: SGS/Analabs)

Why premium Volcanic Rock Dust?

Because it’s WA’s only worked 100% naturally occurring deposit of  basalt and is signified by its fine texture with no lumps and no added man-made chemicals as well as having seriously good benefits for WA’s ‘dune’ like sandy soils along with Bentonite which we also happily supply

As organic gardeners ourselves we are keen users of Bunbury Bassalt Premium Rock Dust on our organic farm and also our worm farms due to its environmentally friendly characteristics given that it’s safe for people, pets, wildlife and fish 

Safety Aspects

Volcanic Rock Dust is non-caustic  and will not burn seedlings and emerging plants; can be handled with bare hands but best to wear gloves and in windy conditions we suggest that you wear eye and mouth protection

The beauty of  Volcanic Rock Dust is that it can also be used as a compost activator and should be sprinkled onto each layer of green waste to encourage microbial activity, whilst also locking in the nitrogen and generally speeding up the whole composting process; the end result is a more fertile organic compost

Application Rate

Basalt Premium Volcanic Rock Dust comes in a various sized Tubs and at an application rate of  1 cup per Sq/mtr

Frequency of application is approximately 6 monthly and it should be watered in well


How much? Please check against other suppliers if you so desire; we are a highest quality lowest cost supplier in the country!

Comes in

8kg Bucket @ $25

10kg Bucket @ $30

20kg Bucket @ $50

25kg Bucket @ $60

30kg Bucket @ $70

Should you wish to order or make further inquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202


  • Our own use as organic gardeners has confirmed that volcanic rock dust is great in our worm farms and gardens

  • Our customers like the product and can see real results

  • Our pricing is very keen (read not expensive)

  • Our instructions are easily understood

  • Our service is friendly and responsive


Bunbury Basalt Rock Dust is available 7 days per week at 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove, Perth 6107      Please call first or text on 0417 096 202


GreenSmart Pots for rapid results!

Become a greenie in no time at all

Alan from Kalmunda Market—” the best investment I’ve ever made” – a big statement but we love to hear such comments

How much? What’s the Outlay?

We only sell the Large Green-Smart Pot which measures

Large Pot dimensions: L: 73.47cm, W: 43.97cm, H: 29cm

Order on-line @ $99.00 for the complete Kit (Excludes Stand)

Optional Stand @ $89.00 or Complete Kit & Stand @ $179.00



Otherwise please call us on 0417 096 202 or email for a quick response

A lasting and useful  supplementary mini garden; Green Smart Kits are  a viable and extremely useful growing method for those perhaps with limited space and time but with lots of passion for some home grown and very healthy herbs and vegies

As well as that you’re able to view your plants at close range and encourage them along with some very useful nutrient additives including our own Worm Farm Worm Juice and/or Dr Grow-it-all a superb new entry in the garden world 

Stocks and colours, Green, Beige and Black are good plus you get our undivided attention and assistance                                  

There is also optional waist-high stand available saving having to bend to tend to your plants 

GreenSmart Pots mean less work for you because they:



  • Require less attention when it comes to watering given that they practically turn the tap on

  • Are perfect if you have to go away on a short holiday as there is a good sized water storage compartment                                                                                                                        

  • Take away the risk of under or over watering; you can’t drown your plants

  • Are low on maintenance and easy to use; just check out the water level tube as you walk past

  • Work brilliantly where space is at a premium but remember the plants need at least 6 hours daily sun

  • Come in an ideal size of 40 Litres; not too big or small

  • Come in three colours Green, Black or Beige all of which are pleasing to the eye

  • Are made from food grade plastic with no leaching of chemicals 

  • Come in Kit form with Bag of  Coco-peat, Bag of Vermicompost (20% Worm Castings & 80% Pig Manure);  Garden Hand-Trowel; Illustrated Instructions

Collection of your GreenSmart Herb & Veg Kit

For Perth residents collect at  Weatherworks in Wattle Grove Perth WA


GreenSmart Self-Watering Herb & Veg Pot Kits ~ What U Get from the Sustainability Store

  • 1 x GreenSmart 40 Litre Herb & Vegie Container (larger size only~ smaller sizes are just that—-small!

  • 1 x Bag of Professional Base Cocopeat; pH neutral (contains no other dubious additives) 

  • 1 x Bag Vermicompost

  • 1 x Hand Trowel  for tilling the soil

  • 1 x Assembly and operating instructions telling you how many seedlings you can plant of whatever vegie you desire 

  • Plus Growing tips as they become available & after-sales assistance 



Hot compost ~ Cold Compost!

Are you serious about compost? How can you tell and how do your measure the temperature?

Your hot compost heap whether it be in a bay or in the open needs to get to 60 degrees C to be effective

A warm stick may help to measure your heap at depth but what you really need is a suitably long professional Compost Thermometer

The Reotemp 50cm Compost Thermometer ( Celsius°) from the Sustainability Store does it all for you

How hot’s your heap? (called pile in the USA)

This high quality professional Compost Thermometer exclusive to the Sustainability Store from Reotemp, San Diego California is ideal for creating biologically active compost

The Sustainability Store Reotemp thermometer is designed for monitoring interior temperatures in a large compost bin, bay or heap

Composting instructions are included on the packaging


Stem: 50.5cm long, 7.9mm diameter, pointed tip for easy insertion

Dial Size: Easy-to-read 4cm diameter dial

Dial Face: Polycarbonate clear lens; waterproof hermetically sealed to avoid fogging

Accuracy: +/- 1% full scale; temperature range 0-100 degrees C

Workmanship: All welded stainless steel design to withstand chemical and biological weathering of the compost over time

Storage: Can be left in the heap rather than being removed each time a temperature reading is taken

Warranty: One (1) year limited warranty for parts and workmanship

Quality Assurance: Reotemp is an ISO9001 Certified Company and a leader in measuring technology

Benefits Compost Thermometer

Temperature is the proverbial ‘Silver Bullet’ in buidling and maintaining a successful compost heap

With a basic understanding of the temperature at the centre of a compost heap you will know

  • when to turn your heap
  • when to add more material
  • when to water
  • when your compost is ready or ‘done’
  • for home, school and community gardens, composters, farmers and nurseries and yes also the White House

Pricing Sustainability Store ReoTemp Compost Thermometer

Price: $79.90 + GST + Postage

Please contact  0417 096 202 for orders or enquiries




Gardening today?



Standard 170mm Heavy Duty

Your Price $25.00 +GST + Post

Elsewhere $35-$45.00 + +!

The garden tool I can’t live without!

  • dig holes for planting and transplanting seedlings and bulbs in the flower or vegie garden

  • open and close rows for seed planting

  • loosen soil around plants

  • dig weeds and thin out plants

    The Ho-Mi is simply a part of Korea’s agricultural heritage. The Ho-Mi combines a sharp point for digging and cutting with a delicately angled face and perfect weight. As with a precision golf club it doesn’t require brawn to work its magic~ Kim Ji-myung: Korea Times


  • “I adore this tool; it’s the only tool I’ve ever used that gets weeds out of an already planted bed with minimum harm to perennials.”

  • “I saw the ho-mi in a garden catalogue and it looked interesting so I bought one. I love it! The ho-mi is easy to use and multi-use. I use it for weeding, digging, planting, furrowing and cultivating. I find it is just about the only garden tool I need to carry with me around the gardens. Because I have had back problems I prefer to do most of my gardening on my hands and knees and the ho-mi is just a nice little garden hand-tool to work with.”

  • “The ho-mi is shaped like a plow having a triangular head with a sharp point and an “arm” that is curved around to the handle. The angle of the arm helps provide leverage in getting up weeds or for scooping under and lifting up plants for transplanting. The point makes it easier to use than a trowel for breaking through crusted earth and I find the angle easier on the wrist than the awkward straightness of a trowel when it comes to lifting out plants.”

Call: 9359 2582    0417 096 202






What’s Bokashi composting all about?

Bokashi is a low cost# organic and natural  kitchen recycling system utilising microbes (friendly ones) and is the most rapid method of composting ALL your kitchen organic waste meaning meat fish dairy citrus onions garlic as well as vegies

# We are delighted to be able to offer to you the lowest Bokashi Twin (2 bucket) Kit available anywhere

Why Bokashi?

Bokashi is up to six times faster at producing compost than any other method ~ in other words it’s quick. What’s more it’s inexpensive to purchase and costs little to run

Chances are from our displays and related comments at Farmers’ Markets and the like that many have never heard of Bokashi composting and have no conception of the benefits that it provides, quite apart from the landfill and pollution issues that it overcomes~ no carbon emissions here thanks!

What are Bokashi’s main applications?

Bokashi is ideal for all and must for apartment dwellers or those without backyards but let’s not stop there because it’s used in hotels, golf clubs, schools and the list goes on

As stated and it must be repeatedly stressed that the  benefit of Bokashi recycling is that all your organic waste can be recycled by adding your kitchen scraps to the Bokashi bucket including the usual vegie scraps but additionally meat, fish, cheese, citrus, onions and small bones

Another critical feature is that there is no odour, no insects to worry about and no nutrient loss in the cold composting  process

Best of all the microorganisms perform wonders for the soil below when the finished material is added to your garden


“My Bokashi is really wonderful and I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends without being completely convinced myself. I recommended it to the Riverton Primary School who received a Grant from the Variety Club and purchased a couple of Bokashi Kits. Yes I love the product and its ease of use thanks to the Sustainability Store”. Carmel ~ Riverton, Perth Western Australia

Can Bokashi Composting be used in schools?

Given that approximately 70% of waste arising from a school situation can be classed as organic waste them most certainly it’s an ideal method to utilise in this respect and the end product can be utilised for vegie and ornamental gardens around the school

A note from the United Arab Emirates:The school’s (Dubai International School) vegetable garden grows fresh produce and organic waste is composted using Bokashi Bins and used as fertilizer on the school’s garden which in turn grows produce for consumption”.

Come on Australian schools! We need more schools to follow the lead of our friends in Dubai

 How did Bokashi Composting get started?

Developed in Japan by Teruo Higa using EM effective microorganisms such as yeasts, it is more akin to pickling than the decompositionyou get with normal composting methods

The Bokashi fermentation system is totally safe– with no GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients or harmful chemicals

How does Bokashi Composting stack-up against concentional composting?

The chart below tells a compelling story

An Efficient Cost Effective Alternative Organic Waste Treatment Pilot Study Supporting Sustainable Farming Practices and Soil Restoration Technology Consultant Lawrence Green MD PhD Bokashicycle LLC Bokashi Fermentation Protocol # #AS09012010 September 1 – 5, 2010 Co2-you know that one! NH3 is Ammonia & CH4 Methane (you probably knew all three!)

Are there more benefits?

  • it produces rich organic fertiliser  within 2-4 weeks of being buried

  • it’s cost effective at approximately $1.00 per week to operate

  • it requires little space

  • it’s hygenic and can be kept indoors

  • there’s little or no smell; at most a cidery or pickled smell

  • Bokashi is an odour-inhibitor

  • there are no flies and other unwanted pests associated with Bokashi 

  • there’s no mixing or turning necessary

  • it’s low maintenance

  • it avoids unsightly, messy compost heaps

  • Bokashi saves waste food going to landfillsaves money

  • it saves the environment

  • Bokashi can be added to conventional compost heaps or worm farms or dug into a trench for permaculture-style planting

What can be added to your Bokashi Bucket ?


  • fresh food and vegetables prepared foods

  • onions and acidic matter like citrus

  • cooked and uncooked  meat and fish, cheese and eggs, coffee grinds, tea bags


  • liquids such as milk, orange juice, oilspaper, cellophane, styrofoamplastic wrap, aluminium foil and waste paper

  • meat bones

  • shells from seafood

What can go wrong with your Bokashi Bucket?

Not much really, the process is very simple but if there is a bad smell, then put it down to

  • The lid on your Bokashi bucket has not been tightly secured~ make sure that when putting the lids on the 10 and 22 litre bins that you use the flat of your hand to press down on the lid whilst shutting it

  • Insufficient Bokashi Active Liquid innoculant has been added. Err on the heavy side if needs be. Add that little bit extra of the innoculant to ensure the fermentation process is working correctly

  • The Bokashi juice has not been drained off regularly. Pleased make sure you turn off the tap on the Bokashi bucket when you do empty the liquid as air can also enter through an open tap and spoil the Bokashi fermentation process

    • Keep the Bokashi bucket in a cool rather than a warm spot. Too much heat will hinder, even spoil the process

What are the Bokashi Bucket size options and prices?

10L Bokashi 2 (two) Bucket Kitchen Composter Kit $79.00

+++++++++++++The lowest cost Bokashi twin kit available!

What you get:Includes two x 10 Litre Bokashi Composting Buckets + 500 ml  Spray-bottle Bokashi Starter VRM Liquid innoculant + Bokashi Tamper Tool + Bokashi Collection Tray + Bokashi Instructions

22L Bokashi 2(two) bucket Kitchen Composter Kit $89.00 (Don’t pay $170-190)

+++++++++++++Also the lowest cost Bokashi twin kit available!

What you get:Includes two x 22 Litre Bokashi Composting Buckets + 1x 500ml Starter VRM Bokashi Liquid innoculant  + Bokashi Tamper Tool + Collection Tray + Bokashi Instructions

Liquid Bokashi Starter VRM Liquid Innoculant Pricing

  • 500ml $10.00

  • 750ml $15.00

  • 1 Litre $20.00 

Delivery of your Bokashi Bucket Kitchen Composter Kit

  • U’ collect from  Wattle Grove (please call first 08 9359 2582)

  • other Perth metro deliveries by negotiation

  • country WA and Interstate by regular carriers at cost (we do not profit from transport costs)

Please call us on 0417 096 202 or email for a quick response









Bokashi! the future of LARGE VOLUME  organic waste!

The next big thing! Will be! Over 90% of waste in restaurant and caterers’ bins, is potentially recyclable, reusable and compostable using a Bokashi Works  Commercial Organic Waste Kit

For Carbon’s sake let’s do something positive about it and get a tick in the process!

Turn food waste into organic fertiliser!

Put beneficial micro-organisms to work!

Bokashi is ideal for operations which generate large amounts of kitchen waste including but not limited to:

  • hospitality industry (cafes, cafeterias, restaurants commercial caterers, hotels, lodges, B&B’s
  • mining operations and camps
  • schools, colleges, universities, TAFES
  • apartment dwellers
  • eco-lodges
  • offices
  • farming, agriculture, horticulture

Why Bokashi?

Easy! given that it’s possible to discard all your organic waste, meat, fish and dairy without creating unpleasant smells and vermin usually associated with conventional composting

Bokashi is a cost-effective and efficient way of getting rid of your kitchen/catering scraps. Developed in Japan using EM effective micro-organisms such as yeasts, it is more akin to pickling than the rotting you get with normal composting methods.

Bokashi is totally safe– it’s not genetically modified and contains no nasty chemicals

The Bokashi Bin range of commercial organic waste kits was created in Australia  for converting organic food waste into high-grade garden nutrient or soil conditioner using EM1 otherwise known as effective microbes.

Bokashi Bin  Kits range from 80 litre to 240 litres, with the mid-size 140 litre, 4 wheel version being a popular choice for businesses, schools and restaurants where over 20 litres of food waste a day or more is likely to occur

Bokashi Bin operate inside or adjoining the kitchen, food hall or pantry and  food waste is added to the bin normally on a once per day basis.The more dehydrated the waste the better as the beneficial microbes do not operate efficiently in water. Spray with  Bokashi Works Active Liquid  and re-seal the lid

Continue the process until the bin is full, normally about 2-3 (maybe less) weeks for an average commercial kitchen. Once the bin is full  tip the contents into a hole 30-40cms deep in the garden area and mix with the surrounding soil

During the composting (fermentation) process a Bokashi juice extract will be generated. Drain this every 2 to 3 days. Dilute it as a fertilizer, pour it neat down drains or the kitchen sink outlet to keep drains clean. Use the juice extract within a few days as it degenerates rapidly

Bokashi Comparative Analysis ~ courtesy BokashiCycle: The Lesson! It’s Rapid!

An Efficient Cost Effective Alternative Organic Waste Treatment Pilot Study Supporting Sustainable Farming Practices and Soil Restoration Technology Consultant Lawrence Green MD PhD Bokashicycle LLC Bokashi Fermentation Protocol # #AS09012010 September 1 – 5, 2010 Co2-you know that one! NH3 is Ammonia & CH4 Methane (you probably knew all three!)

BokashiWorks Commercial Composter Kit Benefits

  • handles a wide range of organic waste
  • produces compost within 4 weeks
  • requires little space to park the wheelie bin(s)
  • can be kept indoors
  • little or no smell, Bokashi is an odour-inhibitor
  • kitchens become more hygenic
  • fewer or no flies and other unwanted pests
  • easy to use, no mixing simply add Bokashi Active Liquid
  • no unsightly, messy compost heaps
  • saves waste food going to landfill
  • saves money with a subsequent cost reductions
  • saves the environment
  • add to conventional compost heaps or worm farms or digging into a trench for permaculture-style planting
  • eco-friendly use of the bi-product (solid) in organisation gardens, donate to the local community or give it to your employees for use in their home gardens
  • secures favourable word-of-mouth or media publicity as a responsible corporate or organisational citizen
  • increases customer loyalty and attracts new customers

Bokashi Bin Composter Kit Operation

All food scraps including small amounts of paper can go into the bin but drain off excess water as the microbes are adverse to water and juices (please don’t empty the coffee or tea urns into the bin)


  • fresh food and vegetables
  • prepared foods
  • onions and acidic matter like citrus
  • cooked and uncooked  meat and fish
  • cheese and eggs, coffee grinds, tea bags


  • liquids such as milk, orange juice, oils
  • paper, cellophane, styrofoam and similar
  • plastic wrap, aluminium foil and waste paper
  • meat bones (crushed bones are OK)
  • shells from seafood

Trial~ Demonstration Bokashi Bin System

Given that the Bokashi method of treating organic waste is still relatively in its infancy and new to many particularly on a commercial scale, we will happily install a suitably sized Bokashi commercial system in your organisational kitchen or where directed and arrange a trial for approximately 1-2 months.

An organic waste audit would be arranged to ensure the right system was installed and to assist ongoing monitoring

The trial would  be accompanied by a demonstration and discussion to ensure that relevant staff were fully conversant with the methodology

An agreed rental fee would be arrived at for the period in question and credited against the purchase of a Bokashi Works Commercial  system. Please contact our base on 0417 096 202 or alternatively contact us in the first instance via eMail

The Options: What do they cost

☺Bokashi Bin 80

$249.00 + GST + Freight


Includes Bokashi Bin Colour Coded to suit ( see below) + 1.5L  Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Black, Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                  Other Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown                                                       Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

☺Bokashi Bin 120 

$259.00 + GST + Freight

Includes  Bokashi Bin Colour Coded to suit (see below) + 1.5L Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Black, Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                  Other Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown                                                       Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

☺ Bokashi Bin 140

$289.00 + GST + Freight

Includes  Bokashi  Bin Colour Coded to suit (see below) + 1.5L Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Black, Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                  Other Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Burgundy                                   Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

☺Bokashi Bin 240 

$299.00 + GST + Freight

Includes  Bokashi Bin Colour Coded to suit (see below) + 1.5L Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                                 Other Colours: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Burgundy, White, Purple                                                                                                                                          Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

BokashiWorks VRM Liquid Compost  Conditioner

  • 500ml VRM Liquid Conditioner $15.00


  • 750ml VRM Liquid Conditioner $20.00

  • 1 Litre VRM Liquid Conditioner $25.00



  • ‘U’ collect from the Sustainability Store Wattle Grove (please call first 08 9359 2582)

  • other Perth metro deliveries by negotiation

  • country WA and Interstate by regular carriers’ cost

  • offshore/interstate at regular shipping/transport rates

Further information and orders please call   0417 096 202





Why let all your greywater or rainwater go down the drain? Don’t waste it!


Recycle your washing and rainwater with a Water Saver Wheelie Bin

Save water

Store water

Make every drop count



With water restrictions  being destined to stay permanently in place your  Water Saver Wheelie Bin is a great addition for thirsty garden beds and fruit trees

Water is a big issue in Australia. Sometimes too much and mostly too little (read South West of Western Australia)

There are water restrictions in many major towns and cities and climate change and recurrent droughts affect our agriculture industry

The average Australian uses 320 litres of water per day for domestic purposes. Where does it all go?


From the Water Corporation W.A

Washing machines (clothes): Make sure you only put the washing machine on when you have a full load.  Reduce your washing by just one load a week and you will save up to 120 litres.”

The opposite of this is ~ wash every day and your water usage is in the region of 120 litres x 7 = 840 litres per week or equivalent to 43000 litres per year!

Just think of all the water you’re wasting or emptying down the drain

Water Saver Wheelie Bin is an easy and affordable wayto keep your garden up to scratchand comes in a convenient 140litre size with FOUR (4) wheels for effortless mobility and manoeuvarability around your garden. The BONUS! you can fill the  Water Saver Wheelie Bin to the top to move 140litres around with its NO-SPILL lid!

Water Saver provides that extra layer of  ‘water’ comfort

Water Saver prevents water wastage

  • Water Saver helps to water  fruit trees and  lawns
  • Enables a saving up to 140l of  water at any one time with little effort
  • Gets to difficult watering spots in your garden with  four (4) wheel ease
  • Has an EziConnect hose fitting
  • Directs excess water using your conventional  garden hose
  • Enables a feel good “I’m doing my bit to save water!”
  • Creates that “I want one too!” feeling amongst friends and neighbou

What are some of the features of your Water Saver Wheelie Bin?

  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Constructed from high density polyethelene (HDPE) and UV stabilised
  • Resistant to heat, frost, chemicals and decay
  • Gravity fed system
  • Three ‘tie-down’ loops to prevent spills and unwanted access
  • Comes in a variety of Standard and Non-Standard colours

Standard colour: Blue


Please exercise due care when using your Water Saver Wheelie Bin on a slope or in hilly areas, as the four (4) wheel configuration makes it both easy to use and and also easy to move of its own accord. Ensure that you use a chock to prevent unwanted movement in such circumstances


Kit $289.00 + GST Delivery Extra

Optional Grate $60.00 + GST (to separate Liquids and Solids)


Collect at our HQ in Wattle Grove WA  but please ring first 0417 096 202 to ensure that a member of our team is available to assist your purchase and to get directions etc





Foothills Sustainability Centre Wattle Grove Perth WA

Bookings (Essential) and Enquiries please call

 0417 096 202

The Foothills Sustainability Centre ‘Karralika’ (Blue Hills) is located in the Perth foothills in Wattle Grove some 30 minutes from the CBD is ideally placed for School & Community Excursions & Tours


All programs are curriculum linked and specifically designed for primary and secondary students and tailored to suit collective needs of any group

We also provide an outing for community groups who may be looking for somewhere different to spend a few precious hours; the property is wheel-chair friendly

Getting outdoors is more important than ever with an inclusive learning environment that’s hard to match

Of critical importance is building self-confidence, leadership, team and communication skills with an emphasis on safety and risk management

We are all about bring learning to life and embarking on a journey of discovery

Organic Gardening

Topic Outlines




Healthy Soil —————–Healthy Organisms —————————–Healthy Insects

Leading to

Healthy Plants———-Healthy Food————Healthy Animals—————-Healthy Us

How to make soil healthy (hands on)

How to make compost (hands on)

How to use vermicast (hands on)

Picking various vegies to make a Stir-Fry (time permitting)



Types of bins used

Studying worms

What worms need in their ‘house’

What to feed them on

How to maintain a happy worm environment

Worm Juice benefits

Vermicast: what it is and how to collect and use it




The 5 R’s: Refuse—-Reduce—–Re-use—–Recycle—-Recharge

What we buy creates rubbish:- packaging and other wastes

What we discard creates landfill:- what is it? Effects on Soil—Air—Water


Usage for every facet of life

Conserving water:- dams, tanks, desalination:- helping to save water


Types:- using the Sun, Wind:- how we can help


What we use and do can create pollution


What we can do about it


Using the sun; using the correct trees, windows, building materials

Everything we do, eat and buy has an effect on THE WEB OF LIFE

Call us on 0417 096 202 for further information or email

All ages and Year Levels


 Excursions 2017


Looking for something different, sustainable, hands-on, enjoyable and informative? You’ve got it at the Foothills Sustainability Centre 

Please join us and be our guests at the Foothills Sustainability Centre and experience some of the benefits of living sustainably in Perth’s backyard with an emphasis on self-sufficiency, environmental awareness and future living whilst actively engaging students in sustainable living in reality

Excursions are directed in the main but are not necessarily limited to Pre-Primary, Kindergarden and Primary level students to inspire them to explore some of our practices relating to sustainability keeping in mind that there is no all-encompassing blueprint which covers every aspect of sustainability


The Department of Education WA has advised that the Sustainability Centre’s method of approach offering sustainability related workshops and PD’s does not contravene any departmental protocols given that the content is in the public domain

The Sustainability Centre Workshops are entirely funded by our parent organisation Weatherworks Australia and at this stage are nor reliant on any outside funding or assistance


As Facilitators we offer a combination of qualifications and practical experience being organic food gardeners, worm farmers, sustainability educators, present and past primary teachers and university educators in Australia, Papua New Guinea, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Greece

Memberships include Australian Organic, Permaculture West, FoodWatch, Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, Kitchen Gardens SA, Australian Organics Recycling Association. Gardeners Circle, Sustainability in Business and the Australian Worm Growers’ Association

Excursion Days:  

Our excursions are currently available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays during school terms from 9.00am 

 Bookings and Enquiries: 0417 096 202 

Teachers and community organisations are invited to register interest in the programs on offer and we are happy to provide PD’s on sustainable topics

Pricing Excursions 2017

  • Invoiced at $495 + GST for a single morning Session (3 hours)

  • Excursions are designed for a maximum of 30 students or visitors at any session


Sustainability Excursions

We are fully covered for all necessary insurance and have Working with Children and Police Clearances

In case of emergency the Forrestfield Medical Centre is close by whilst the Fire Brigade is located approximately 5 minutes away



Selection 1. Major (read Awesome) Sustainability Excursion

We see sustainability as one of the most important opportunities for both our future and the future of our world

Our goal is to become a better household by looking at every facet of the way we live from the products we consume to the energy we use through the lens of sustainability

We are very much a work in progress with many sustainable initiatives still unfolding Sustainability in many respects is a journey; it is all about awareness and the incorporation of practical and sustainable actions to maintain and promote a better life

We welcome students and teachers and are delighted to share some of the knowledge we have gained in relation to sustainability

Pollution as a factor; what is happening with our world as we know it?

a. Water

b. Atmosphere

c. Land and soil

Our needs; what do we need to ensure a comfortable existence?

a. Housing

b. Food

c. Water

d. Transport

e. Electricity

Living sustainably; influences on how we live?

a.     Recycling program; what do we do and how do we do it?
b.     Light energy usage; fluorescent, incandescent versus LED lighting
c.     Home electricity power; solar, electricity authority, non-renewable
d.     Energy efficient appliances; refrigerators, freezers
e.     Home temperature; air-conditioning, heating, insulation
f.      Water usage and filtration; water sources, total dissolved solids
g.     Our food; home garden, organic, other food sources, food reuse
h.     Our health; eating, exercise, sport, leisure activities
i.      Our home; cleaning agents, pesticides
j.      Travel and transportation; public or private transport, cycling, walking
k.    Tour of property in conjunction with the above; location, transportation, home construction, solar and hot water panels, water sources and water storage, workshops, organic garden, composting, worm farming, chickens, bee keeping, dogs, bird life, trees, other activities


Interactive Sustainability Quiz

Complete the ISQ prior to your arrival at the Foothills Sustainability Centre

Discuss some of your answers during the Excursion

Post Analysis

Questionnaire/Work Sheet: Sustainability @Foothills Sustainability Centre (to be advised- currently being prepared)

Produce (in groups of 4-6) a video/U Tube summary (with commentary) of the excursion highlighting the elements and discussions that were of importance to your group

‘Making a Difference: A Sustainable Way of Life’

Selection 2. Worms and Worm Farming Excursion / Incursion: 50 minutes

Designed to encourage and support worm composting and waste minimisation. Covers Worm Farming/ Recycling (includes live worms, worm farms, worm products and visual material)

  • Meet Wiggly Worm for an introduction to worm farming

  • Worm ecology and role of worms in the ecosystem

  • Examining live worms to identify their features

  • The state of waste management, minimization and recycling in the community

  • A practical introduction to various worm farms; in-ground, conventional, wheelie bin and large scale commercial (students will take part in the setting up of a typical wheelie bin worm farm)

  • Upkeep and care of worm farms including do’s and don’ts in relation to feeding

  • Emphasis on composting benefits and the production of nutrient rich worm juice and worm castings

  • How a school can develop and integrate organic waste recycling systems

  • Challenge~ invent your own worm farm

Selection 3. Bokashi (Kitchen Composting) Excursion/Incursion 40-50 minutes

  • The nature of Bokashi (microbial) composting through fermentation

  • History and increasing popularity of Bokashi composting

  • The utilization of composting  microbes will be demonstrated and discussed

  • Comparisons and advantages over worm farming and other forms of composting

  • View and assemble Bokashi composting kits

  • Tips for optimum Bokashi composting

  • Examine the  potential usefulness of Bokashi composting in a school situation

Selection 4. Soil Analysis and Organic Gardening Excursion  2 (Two) Hours

Covers Primary Education Department topics 


  • Hands-on Composting including Worm Farming

  • Recycling the three R’s and what this means

  • Sustainable soil health

  • Growing food crops with plenty of opportunities to sample produce  

  • GM foods what we don’t know

  • Seeds and seedlings

  • The seed dilemma and seed collection

  • What we can learn from others including our Aboriginal population

What to plant?

  • Soil factors: structure, texture, pH, living organisms

  • Additives:  green manure; fertilizers; rock dust; worm juice and castings; Bokashi; mulch; Bentonite; Zeolite

  • Growing Food Crops

  • Moon Planting/Timing

  • Companion Planting

  • Paths for Compost

  • Crop Rotation

  • Seeds and Seedlings

Organic gardens and compost bays will be observed and discussed with opportunities to sample seasonal produce and  understand the requirement for healthy and fertile so


Additional Mini Sustainability Selections/Additions ~Excursion

  • Chicken/Egg Raising: Examine and discuss the various breeds of chickens; feeding routines; animal care and egg collection


  • Lemon Orchard: Observe a viable urban lemon orchard to determine the optimum growth and conditions necessary for citrus growing

  • Climate Change: Examine selected aspects including Renewable Energy; Energy Efficient Housing; Bush Fires (includes demonstration of fire-fighting equipment)

  • Sustainable Housing Design: Water Storage, Use and Quality

Powerpoint and handouts are available to teachers to follow-up on the sustainability sessions

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