Hot compost ~ Cold Compost!

Are you serious about compost? How can you tell and how do your measure the temperature?

Your hot compost heap whether it be in a bay or in the open needs to get to 60 degrees C to be effective

A warm stick may help to measure your heap at depth but what you really need is a suitably long professional Compost Thermometer

The Reotemp 50cm Compost Thermometer ( Celsius°) from the Sustainability Store does it all for you

How hot’s your heap? (called pile in the USA)

This high quality professional Compost Thermometer exclusive to the Sustainability Store from Reotemp, San Diego California is ideal for creating biologically active compost

The Sustainability Store Reotemp thermometer is designed for monitoring interior temperatures in a large compost bin, bay or heap

Composting instructions are included on the packaging


Stem: 50.5cm long, 7.9mm diameter, pointed tip for easy insertion

Dial Size: Easy-to-read 4cm diameter dial

Dial Face: Polycarbonate clear lens; waterproof hermetically sealed to avoid fogging

Accuracy: +/- 1% full scale; temperature range 0-100 degrees C

Workmanship: All welded stainless steel design to withstand chemical and biological weathering of the compost over time

Storage: Can be left in the heap rather than being removed each time a temperature reading is taken

Warranty: One (1) year limited warranty for parts and workmanship

Quality Assurance: Reotemp is an ISO9001 Certified Company and a leader in measuring technology

Benefits Compost Thermometer

Temperature is the proverbial ‘Silver Bullet’ in buidling and maintaining a successful compost heap

With a basic understanding of the temperature at the centre of a compost heap you will know

  • when to turn your heap
  • when to add more material
  • when to water
  • when your compost is ready or ‘done’
  • for home, school and community gardens, composters, farmers and nurseries and yes also the White House

Pricing Sustainability Store ReoTemp Compost Thermometer

Price: $79.90 + GST + Postage

Please contact  0417 096 202 for orders or enquiries




Gardening today?



Standard 170mm Heavy Duty

Your Price $25.00 +GST + Post

Elsewhere $35-$45.00 + +!

The garden tool I can’t live without!

  • dig holes for planting and transplanting seedlings and bulbs in the flower or vegie garden

  • open and close rows for seed planting

  • loosen soil around plants

  • dig weeds and thin out plants

    The Ho-Mi is simply a part of Korea’s agricultural heritage. The Ho-Mi combines a sharp point for digging and cutting with a delicately angled face and perfect weight. As with a precision golf club it doesn’t require brawn to work its magic~ Kim Ji-myung: Korea Times


  • “I adore this tool; it’s the only tool I’ve ever used that gets weeds out of an already planted bed with minimum harm to perennials.”

  • “I saw the ho-mi in a garden catalogue and it looked interesting so I bought one. I love it! The ho-mi is easy to use and multi-use. I use it for weeding, digging, planting, furrowing and cultivating. I find it is just about the only garden tool I need to carry with me around the gardens. Because I have had back problems I prefer to do most of my gardening on my hands and knees and the ho-mi is just a nice little garden hand-tool to work with.”

  • “The ho-mi is shaped like a plow having a triangular head with a sharp point and an “arm” that is curved around to the handle. The angle of the arm helps provide leverage in getting up weeds or for scooping under and lifting up plants for transplanting. The point makes it easier to use than a trowel for breaking through crusted earth and I find the angle easier on the wrist than the awkward straightness of a trowel when it comes to lifting out plants.”

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