School & Community Excursions are again on the agenda in 2017

We welcome schools and community groups who are looking for something different by way of an enjoyable excursion at the Foothills Sustainability Centre



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Where are we located?

Karralika (Blue Hills) located in Wattle Grove some 30 minutes from the CBD is ideally placed for School & Community Excursions being run and developed by teachers and supported by teaching resources

All programs are curriculum linked and specifically designed for primary and secondary students and tailored to suit your educational needs taking all the hassle out of organising 

Getting pupils and community members outdoors is more important than ever with an inclusive learning environment that’s hard to match

Of critical importance is building self-confidence, leadership, team and communication skills being mindful of safety and risk management

If you can’t make it to us we can bring the fun to you via our Incursions program

We are all about bringing learning to life and embarking on a journey of discovery



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Sustainability for Schools

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All ages and Year Levels



School Sustainability Excursions  2017


Looking for something different, sustainable, hands-on, enjoyable and informative? You’ve got it at the Foothills Sustainability Centre 


Please join us and be our guests at the Foothills Sustainability Centre and experience some of the benefits of living sustainably in Perth’s backyard with an emphasis on self-sufficiency, environmental awareness and future living whilst actively engaging students in sustainable living in reality

Why the Foothills Sustainability Centre?

  • Close to the junction of Welshpool Road and Tonkin Highway in Wattle Grove East and easy to get to

  • Virtually a self-sustaining property with our own Water (tanks), Power (solar panels), Vegie Gardens (organic), Chickens (eggs), Timber (firewood), Orchard (lemons), Bees (honey)

  • Owner Built house incorporating recycled materials from old Perth buildings embellished with two Railway Guards’ vans from the previous Midland Workshops 

  • Lots of undercover areas in case of rain, cold or sunshine

  • Experienced and qualified presenters 

School and community excursions are directed in the main but are not necessarily limited to Pre-Primary, Kindergarden and Primary level students to inspire them to explore some of our practices relating to sustainability keeping in mind that there is no all-encompassing blueprint which covers every aspect of sustainability


The Department of Education WA has advised that the Foothills Sustainability Centre’s method of approach offering sustainability related workshops and PD’s does not contravene any departmental protocols given that the content is in the public domain

The Foothills Sustainability Centre Workshops are entirely funded by our parent organisation Weatherworks Australia and at this stage are nor reliant on any outside funding or assistance


As Facilitators we offer a combination of qualifications and practical experience being organic food gardeners, worm farmers, sustainability educators, present and past primary teachers and university educators in Australia, Papua New Guinea, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Greece

Memberships include Australian Organic, Permaculture West, FoodWatch, Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, Kitchen Gardens SA, Australian Organics Recycling Association. Gardeners Circle, Sustainability in Business and the Australian Worm Growers’ Association


Excursion Days:  

Our excursions are currently available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays during school terms from 9.00am 

 Bookings and Enquiries: 0417 096 202 

Teachers and community organisations are invited to register interest in the programs on offer and we are happy to provide PD’s on sustainable topics


  • Excursions are invoiced at $495 + GST for a single morning Session (3 hours)

  • Excursions are designed for a maximum of approximately 30 students per class or session at any one time

  • With community groups the number attending would be by negotiation

Sustainability Excursions

Our sustainability school Excursions commenced in Term Two 2012 with the inaugural group comprising  some very keen worm farming Year 7 students from Wesley College Perth who proceeded to Highvale Orchard (see below) after their excursion with us in Wattle Grove

We are fully covered for all necessary insurance and have Working with Children and Police Clearances

In case of emergency the Forrestfield Medical Centre is close by whilst the Fire Brigade is located approximately 5 minutes away



Selection 1. Major (read Awesome) Sustainability Excursion @the Foothills Sustainability Centre 2017

We see sustainability as one of the most important opportunities for both our future and the future of our world

Our goal is to become a better household by looking at every facet of the way we live from the products we consume to the energy we use through the lens of sustainability

We are very much a work in progress with many sustainable initiatives still unfolding Sustainability in many respects is a journey; it is all about awareness and the incorporation of practical and sustainable actions to maintain and promote a better life

We welcome students and teachers and are delighted to share some of the knowledge we have gained in relation to sustainability

Pollution as a factor; what is happening with our world as we know it?

a. Water

b. Atmosphere

c. Land and soil

Our needs; what do we need to ensure a comfortable existence?

a. Housing

b. Food

c. Water

d. Transport

e. Electricity

Living sustainably; influences on how we live?

a.     Recycling program; what do we do and how do we do it?
b.     Light energy usage; fluorescent, incandescent versus LED lighting
c.     Home electricity power; solar, electricity authority, non-renewable
d.     Energy efficient appliances; refrigerators, freezers
e.     Home temperature; air-conditioning, heating, insulation
f.      Water usage and filtration; water sources, total dissolved solids
g.     Our food; home garden, organic, other food sources, food reuse
h.     Our health; eating, exercise, sport, leisure activities
i.      Our home; cleaning agents, pesticides
j.      Travel and transportation; public or private transport, cycling, walking
k.    Tour of property in conjunction with the above; location, transportation, home construction, solar and hot water panels, water sources and water storage, workshops, organic garden, composting, worm farming, chickens, bee keeping, dogs, bird life, trees, other activities


Interactive Sustainability Quiz

Complete the ISQ prior to your arrival at the Foothills Sustainability Centre

Discuss some of your answers during the Excursion

Post Analysis

Questionnaire/Work Sheet: Sustainability @Foothills Sustainability Centre (to be advised- currently being prepared)

Produce (in groups of 4-6) a video/U Tube summary (with commentary) of the excursion highlighting the elements and discussions that were of importance to your group

‘Making a Difference: A Sustainable Way of Life’


Selection 2. Worms and Worm Farming Excursion / Incursion: 50 minutes

Designed to encourage and support worm composting and waste minimisation. Covers Worm Farming/ Recycling (includes live worms, worm farms, worm products and visual material)

  • Meet Wiggly Worm for an introduction to worm farming

  • Worm ecology and role of worms in the ecosystem

  • Examining live worms to identify their features

  • The state of waste management, minimization and recycling in the community

  • A practical introduction to various worm farms; in-ground, conventional, wheelie bin and large scale commercial (students will take part in the setting up of a typical wheelie bin worm farm)

  • Upkeep and care of worm farms including do’s and don’ts in relation to feeding

  • Emphasis on composting benefits and the production of nutrient rich worm juice and worm castings

  • How a school can develop and integrate organic waste recycling systems

  • Challenge~ invent your own worm farm



Selection 3. Bokashi (Kitchen Composting) Excursion/Incursion 40-50 minutes

  • The nature of Bokashi (microbial) composting through fermentation

  • History and increasing popularity of Bokashi composting

  • The utilization of composting  microbes will be demonstrated and discussed

  • Comparisons and advantages over worm farming and other forms of composting

  • View and assemble Bokashi composting kits

  • Tips for optimum Bokashi composting

  • Examine the  potential usefulness of Bokashi composting in a school situation



Selection 4. Soil Analysis and Organic Gardening Excursion  2 (Two) Hours

Covers Primary Education Department topics 


  • Hands-on Composting including Worm Farming

  • Recycling the three R’s and what this means

  • Sustainable soil health

  • Growing food crops with plenty of opportunities to sample produce  

  • GM foods what we don’t know

  • Seeds and seedlings

  • The seed dilemma and seed collection

  • What we can learn from others including our Aboriginal population

Possible Excursion Dates 2017 (To Be Advised)


Some the above dates are already taken so please be prompt in getting requests through as we are quite busy

What to plant?

  • Soil factors: structure, texture, pH, living organisms

  • Additives:  green manure; fertilizers; rock dust; worm juice and castings; Bokashi; mulch; Bentonite; Zeolite

  • Growing Food Crops

  • Moon Planting/Timing

  • Companion Planting

  • Paths for Compost

  • Crop Rotation

  • Seeds and Seedlings

Organic gardens and compost bays will be observed and discussed with opportunities to sample seasonal produce and  understand the requirement for healthy and fertile so

4. Additional Mini Sustainability Selections/Additions ~Excursion

  • Chicken/Egg Raising: Examine and discuss the various breeds of chickens; feeding routines; animal care and egg collection


  • Lemon Orchard: Observe a viable urban lemon orchard to determine the optimum growth and conditions necessary for citrus growing

  • Climate Change: Examine selected aspects including Renewable Energy; Energy Efficient Housing; (includes demonstration of fire-fighting equipment)

  • Sustainable Housing Design: Water Storage, Use and Quality


Powerpoint and handouts are available to teachers to follow-up on the sustainability sessions

Your School & Community Invitation


Please call/contact us at the Foothills Sustainability Centre 0417 096 202

Please use your nominated education or organisation email when making contact and kindly reveal what organisation or school you originate from


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Worm Farming Excursions Perth 2017

You have come to the right site if your school or related organisation requires a ‘hands-on’ introduction or revision or what worms and worm farming is all about 

We endeavour to be fully compliant with the school Sustainability cross-curriculum addressing the on-going capacity of Earth to maintain all life   

Your incursion will cover Worm Farming/ Recycling/ Composting for  school gardens (includes live worms, worm farms, worm products, worm quizz and visual material)  


Hands-on teaching methods are used  complimenting science concepts including ecosystems and lifecycles comprising

  • The examination of  organic waste and how schools can recycle waste using a dedicated worm farm

  • Exploring worm farming by focusing on protecting environments through informed action

  • Learning about worm ecology and role of worms in the ecosystem

  • Demonstrating and practicing how easy it is to set-up a worm farm

  • Investigating the upkeep and care of worm farms including feeding 

  • Identifying worm composting benefits for your school 

  • Discussing how your school can develop an organic waste recycling system

  • Challenging students by reinforcing actions for sustainability both at an individual community and national level

Bookings: 2017

  • Teachers are invited to register their interest

  • Please contact our Sustainability Consultants~ Margaret & Les Lyons ~   0417 096 202

The Foothills Sustainability Centre    

0417 096 202