Weatherworks Australia® consists of  a range of integrated businesses

including Windsocks Australia, Foothills Sustainability Centre & Wormfarms Australia

We are about the pursuit of excellence in safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility

Safety is Weatherworks top priority along with building strong relationships with our customers

Weatherworks is based at 48 Johnson Place Wattle Grove, Perth WA 6107

When did you commence the business?

November 2003

What made you launch into business after all you’ve been in a number of different occupations?

Working in France at the time at the beginning of the academic year in October and it’s getting quite cold and on weekend visits to Paris to catch up with our son and French daughter-in-law was a keen student of outside temperature reading from their Window Thermometer.Then followed up the Window Thermometer KT-7 from the USA which we still carry and became the Australian supplier of this product. That got me interested in wind and weather things hence the name Weatherworks

How were you introduced to vermicomposting?

Being organic growers we were looking for natural soil amendments as the soil on the coastal plain in W.A is very nutrient deficient 

What do your worms like to eat?

Mainly sheep poo (well matured) plus vegie scraps (love pumpkin), shredded newspaper; basically anything that was once natural; a good nitrogen/carbon diet— and pet waste also; we do Pooch Loo Worm Farms and they have proven to be popular

What did you do before?

Ex Mining Executive (Bougainville Copper, Hamersley Iron)–latter is now RioTinto. Visiting Professor (Europe & Asia); before that studied at ASOPA in Mosman Sydney thence PNG built a school and  became a headmaster.  Now we’re involved in eco business with the promotion and sales of worm farms, kitchen composter (Bokashi) kits, raised garden beds and natural soil additives as well as weather instrumentation including Windsocks

We (my wife is an integral part of the operation) endeavor to abide by sustainable practices and most of what we eat is produced on the property; have our own tank water, own power etcetera

Who are some of your customers?

Good question there are lots actually particularly now that we are very heavily into windsocks and related accessories; we really value them and endeavour to provide quality product with good after-sales support

A selection of windsock clients includes




































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