GreenSmart Pots for rapid results!

Become a greenie in no time at all

Alan from Kalmunda Market—” the best investment I’ve ever made” – a big statement but we love to hear such comments

How much? What’s the Outlay?

We only sell the Large Green-Smart Pot which measures

Large Pot dimensions: L: 73.47cm, W: 43.97cm, H: 29cm

Order on-line @ $99.00 for the complete Kit (Excludes Stand)

Optional Stand @ $89.00 or Complete Kit & Stand @ $179.00



Otherwise please call us on 0417 096 202 or email for a quick response

A lasting and useful  supplementary mini garden; Green Smart Kits are  a viable and extremely useful growing method for those perhaps with limited space and time but with lots of passion for some home grown and very healthy herbs and vegies

As well as that you’re able to view your plants at close range and encourage them along with some very useful nutrient additives including our own Worm Farm Worm Juice and/or Dr Grow-it-all a superb new entry in the garden world 

Stocks and colours, Green, Beige and Black are good plus you get our undivided attention and assistance                                  

There is also optional waist-high stand available saving having to bend to tend to your plants 

GreenSmart Pots mean less work for you because they:



  • Require less attention when it comes to watering given that they practically turn the tap on

  • Are perfect if you have to go away on a short holiday as there is a good sized water storage compartment                                                                                                                        

  • Take away the risk of under or over watering; you can’t drown your plants

  • Are low on maintenance and easy to use; just check out the water level tube as you walk past

  • Work brilliantly where space is at a premium but remember the plants need at least 6 hours daily sun

  • Come in an ideal size of 40 Litres; not too big or small

  • Come in three colours Green, Black or Beige all of which are pleasing to the eye

  • Are made from food grade plastic with no leaching of chemicals 

  • Come in Kit form with Bag of  Coco-peat, Bag of Vermicompost (20% Worm Castings & 80% Pig Manure);  Garden Hand-Trowel; Illustrated Instructions

Collection of your GreenSmart Herb & Veg Kit

For Perth residents collect at  Weatherworks in Wattle Grove Perth WA


GreenSmart Self-Watering Herb & Veg Pot Kits ~ What U Get from the Sustainability Store

  • 1 x GreenSmart 40 Litre Herb & Vegie Container (larger size only~ smaller sizes are just that—-small!

  • 1 x Bag of Professional Base Cocopeat; pH neutral (contains no other dubious additives) 

  • 1 x Bag Vermicompost

  • 1 x Hand Trowel  for tilling the soil

  • 1 x Assembly and operating instructions telling you how many seedlings you can plant of whatever vegie you desire 

  • Plus Growing tips as they become available & after-sales assistance