Why a Stevenson Screen or Weather Box?

Instrument Screens are essential for good measurement and house thermometers and other instruments such as a Hygrometer to measure Relative Humidity

Stevenson Screens are common around the globe both in onshore and offshore operations including shipping operations 

They are used throughout the UK synoptic station network and indeed in Australia 

Weatherworks Australian version of the traditional Stevenson Screen has been extensively tested and adapted for our generally ‘hotter’ climate with an exclusive Dual Roof to allow increased air movement and accurate temperature and related measurements

Our Customers include Doray Minerals Deflector Mine Site, Government of SA -PIRSA Urrbrae, Water Corporation WA, ANSTO Lucas Heights NSW, GDF-Suez Pelican Power SA, Western Power WA, Integrated Industrial WA as well as numerous Lawn Bowls Clubs  


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Stevenson Screen Kit $1355.00 + GST (elsewhere up to $2200 ex UK 6-8 weeks!)





Of importance is the placement of the Instrument Shelter being 1.2m from ground level and in the Southern Hemisphere having the door facing South being the side that does not get sunlight at any stage.

Instrument Shelters placed next to club BBQ’s, under shade-cloth or with the door facing in any other direction other than South will not necessarily be reliable as also Instrument Shelters built from cupboard or door louvers and and plywood or similar



Weatherwork’s Instrument Shelters are fabricated in Australia from high quality (and expensive) Polycarbonate and Polyester Powder-coated Aluminium framing; other componentry is marine quality weather resistant materials complying with the best elements of Stevenson Screens and are unique in Australia at this time

The characteristics of Weatherwork’s Stevenson Screens allows for the perfect balance  between  good ventilation and radiation protection which translates into a better time response and more accurate measurements of temperature and humidity

Our Customers

We have appreciated the response from mining companies, water corporation, bowling clubs and others who have purchased our unique Stevenson Screen and we can assure prospective buyers that our Stevenson Screens have been tested and verified 

We also guarantee the accuracy of our Stevenson Screens  from field testing both in-house and by external users

What the experts are saying

From the UK Met Office ~ “the performance need not suffer as with wooden Screens- because of the deterioration to paint work between the painting cycles. This screen (high performance plastic) remains white and glossy just with a quick occasional clean”

Reference: Results of an intercomparison of wooden and plastic thermometer screens~ D.B.Hatton Met Office. Beaufort Park, Easthampstead, Workingham, Berkshire UK

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Digital Thermometers

We recommend high quality digital thermometers and we supply (FREE OF CHARGE) our highly recommend  TFA German Digital Thermometer for use with the Stevenson Screen which is an added reason to put the Weather Store Stevenson Screen on your wish list

Our recommended digital conversion (we still relish the analogue variety mind you) was prompted by the fact that Bowling Clubs or Team Captains need a quick and accurate measurement so that a decision can be made on the spot whether to continue a match or postpone the event due to excessive heat


Stevenson Screen Kit $1355.00 + GST (elsewhere up to $2200 ex UK 6-8 weeks!)

Dimensions Base 400mm x 400mm; Height 500mm; Roof 630 x 630mm Weight 20kg

The Stevenson Screen Kit includes the Weather Box; inside stand for Digital Thermometer; TFA  (German) Digital Max-Min Thermometer

We can quote on a suitable in-ground Stand for securely fixing the Stevenson Screen

The Stand is powder-coated White to match the Stevenson Screen 

We will also supply a bag of quick-set cement to ensure the Stevenson Screen stand is firmly set into the ground 


Key Features of Weatherwork’s Stevenson Screens include

  • Australian designed and made

  • Secure mounting of Thermometers inside the Stevenson Screen

  • Operating temperature range -50° to +80°

  • Long-lasting  double acrylic louvres with UV stabilisation

  • Double louvered to ensure accurate temperature readings

  • Double base for added strength and duarability

  • Nil maintenance (no painting!) just a wipe down every so often to remove dust

  • Superior in trials (UK) to wooden screens

  • No wooden componentry requiring  regular upkeep and painting

  • Arguably a state-of-the art instrument shelter made in Australia rather than being imported


  • Fabricated from high specification Polycarbonate
  • Aluminium framing with White powder coating

  • Stainless Steel (316) bolts, nuts and fixings
  • Aluminium rivets
  • UV stabilised Polycarbonate dual roof 
  • Thermoplastic reflective White louvres on the external sides
  • Thermoplastic non-reflective Black louvres on the internal sides
  •  Marine Polyamide UV stablilised door (pad-lockable door optional extra)   
  • Secure mounting(s) for thermometer and other instruments                            

Your Stevenson Screen needs to be: 

  • Away from walls, trees, concrete or bitumen footpaths, BBQ’s, Shadecloth

  • Fixed approximately 1.25m from ground level

  • In a position where air can circulate freely around the Screen

  • Cleaned  now and again (no painting is necessary)

  • Secured properly to avoid any vandalism and possibly unwanted removal  

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TFA 35.1140.01 Wireless Weather Station Easy View Colour SPRING BREEZE

Highlights TFA 35.1140.01 SPRING BREEZE

Measures indoor temperature and relative humidity
  • weather forecast and relevant symbols
  • Indoor temperature: 0…+50 °C (+32…+122 °F), air humidity: 1…99%
  • Outdoor temperature: -40…+60 °C (-40…+140 °F), air humidity: 1…99%
  • wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity and wind speed 
  • further expandable via two additional remote sensors (optional) TFA 30.3221.02 
  • indicates indoor temperature and humidity
  • apparent temperature and dew point
  • forecast using icons with trend indication
  • wind speed (no direction) in km/h 
  • graphics windspeed
  • wind speed graph
  • min / max values ​​for wind speed and history
  • colour for easy viewing
  • short term lighting (10 sec.) when only using batteries
  • permanent lighting with mains power adapter
  • lighting adjustable max / low / off
  • radio controlled clock with date (DCF)
  • signal strength indicator / reception symbol for outdoor transmitter
  • owner’s manual
  • mains adapter
  • includes stand for upright mounting or wall mount
  • includes batteries, 2xC and 3xAAA 
  • Display size: 208 x 26 x 140 mm
  • outdoor unit size: 468 x 141 x 163 mm
  • 24 month warranty

What’s in the Box-Unpacking:

Rating: 4.8/5

Comment: We like this product as we are able to check wind speeds and correlate with our windsocks; colour display adds to the appeal with German quality as an added bonus

Comment: Courtesy Greg Pizl

“The good thing is – the SPRING BREEZE* can be extended by two more outdoor sensors. In this respect, you can quietly put the combination sensor in the sun and at least detect the wind speed with some precision and set up the second outdoor sensor according to regulations correctly.  Otherwise there is hardly anything to complain about at the SPRING BREEZE. Clearly arranged and with large numbers is the display. We especially liked that you can operate the weather station both on the mains and with batteries. The battery operation has the advantage that the display is dark after 10 seconds and therefore does not bother at night.”

Price Australia: TBA

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WINDMETER TFA 42.6000.06


Includes Wind Speed/Strength multiple measurements as required


  • km/h, mph, m/s,knots Beaufort
  • Wind speed measurement range 0.2…30 m/s
  • Maximum and average values
  • Temperature indicator (in °C or °F)
  • Perceived temperature (wind chill)
  • Waterproof
  • Gross weight (incl. package) 123.0 Gram
  • Dimensions (incl. package) 174 x 81 x 50 MM




Price $A 89.00 + GST + POST

Available in Store

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Davis Vantage Vue WEATHER STATION 6250AU

  • Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station 6250AU gives you all the weather data you need for home, education, boating and more


  • Sleek but tough—your outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and starts sending data wirelessly to your console anywhere in your home, school, or business
  • You’ll see current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point and rainfall.
  • You’ll also get weather forecast icons, moon phase, sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends, alarms and more
  • Vantage Vue also has an innovative Weather Centre button that displays additional data on weather variables for today and previous 25 days
  • Genuine Davis Australia products are made in the USA and calibrated specifically for the Australian market and to meet local radio frequency regulations
  • Please don’t ask why the price difference direct from USA; it’s all about certification for Australian radio frequencies
  • A non-certified Vantage Vue (without an AU prefiix) will not be covered under Australian warranty
  • Please click on the below for more detail
  • 6250AU Davis Vantage Vue – $715.00 inc. GST​ + Post

  • PLEASE Click on the Spec Sheet below FOR EVEN MORE DETAIL!


Think weather think Weatherworks





Mingle Instrument WW391 Weather Station

Measures temperature and humidity with style!

Mingle’s uncompromising quality in manufacturing precision weather and related instruments impresses customers and end users throughout the world

Applications Home,Office, Sports

♣ the perfect gift for professionals in any discipline

♣ excellent for temperature measurement ~ bowls, tennis, all sports

♣ excellent for any office with its superior chrome finish

♣ a quality temperature and humidity measuring instrument

♣ ideal for the home dining, games or family room

♣ suitable for schools, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, hospitals, courtyards and patios

♣ measures accurately the  in/outdoor environment


♣ large easy-to-read numbers

♣ bright graphics

♣ highly visible from a distance

♣ contemporary styling

♣ chrome metal casing

♣ no battery required

♣ non mercury

♣ diameter 206mm

♣ 12 months warranty

♣ conforms to European Œ standards

♣ pre-set, ready to use, no adjustment necessary

♣ factory tested and calibrated

♣  manufactured under ISO9001 for long-term accuracy

♣ exclusive to the Weather Store ~ Weatherworks


Price: $49.95 +GST + Postage

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  The Weather Store is offering  versatile digital thermometers from TFA Germany~ one of the most trusted names in meteorological instruments

Shows indoor or outdoor temperatures and records the maximum and minimum temperatures measured in both places. It offers instant and accurate readings for a wide range of applications:


– Meteorology

– Bowling Clubs

– Refrigerators and Freezer

– Greenhouses & Hothouses

Vivariums and Terrariums

– Camper vans and Off-road situations

Electronic Maximum / Minimum Thermometer. This versatile electronic thermometer shows indoor or outdoor temperatures and records the maximum and minimum temperatures. It offers instant and accurate readings for a wide range of applications.

– Freeze Alert function

– Large Clear Display

– Integrated stand and hanging slot

– Shows both Max & Min temperature 

– 10 second sampling cycle

Size: 100mm x 75mm x 18mm

– Power: 1 x 1.5V batteries supplied

– Range: -50+70°C

Price: $69.90 + GST + Postage

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

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