Why a Stevenson Screen or Weather Box?

Instrument Screens are essential for good measurement and house thermometers and other instruments such as a Hygrometer to measure Relative Humidity

Stevenson Screens are common around the globe both in onshore and offshore operations including shipping operations 

They are used throughout the UK synoptic station network and indeed in Australia 

Weatherworks Australian version of the traditional Stevenson Screen has been extensively tested and adapted for our generally ‘hotter’ climate with an exclusive Dual Roof to allow increased air movement and accurate temperature and related measurements

Our Customers include Doray Minerals Deflector Mine Site, Government of SA -PIRSA Urrbrae, Water Corporation WA, ANSTO Lucas Heights NSW, GDF-Suez Pelican Power SA, Western Power WA, Integrated Industrial WA as well as numerous Lawn Bowls Clubs  


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Please note Pricing 

Stevenson Screen Kit $1355.00 + GST (elsewhere up to $2200 ex UK 6-8 weeks!)





Of importance is the placement of the Instrument Shelter being 1.2m from ground level and in the Southern Hemisphere having the door facing South being the side that does not get sunlight at any stage.

Instrument Shelters placed next to club BBQ’s, under shade-cloth or with the door facing in any other direction other than South will not necessarily be reliable as also Instrument Shelters built from cupboard or door louvers and and plywood or similar



Weatherwork’s Instrument Shelters are fabricated in Australia from high quality (and expensive) Polycarbonate and Polyester Powder-coated Aluminium framing; other componentry is marine quality weather resistant materials complying with the best elements of Stevenson Screens and are unique in Australia at this time

The characteristics of Weatherwork’s Stevenson Screens allows for the perfect balance  between  good ventilation and radiation protection which translates into a better time response and more accurate measurements of temperature and humidity

Our Customers

We have appreciated the response from mining companies, water corporation, bowling clubs and others who have purchased our unique Stevenson Screen and we can assure prospective buyers that our Stevenson Screens have been tested and verified 

We also guarantee the accuracy of our Stevenson Screens  from field testing both in-house and by external users

What the experts are saying

From the UK Met Office ~ “the performance need not suffer as with wooden Screens- because of the deterioration to paint work between the painting cycles. This screen (high performance plastic) remains white and glossy just with a quick occasional clean”

Reference: Results of an intercomparison of wooden and plastic thermometer screens~ D.B.Hatton Met Office. Beaufort Park, Easthampstead, Workingham, Berkshire UK

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Digital Thermometers

We recommend high quality digital thermometers and we supply (FREE OF CHARGE) our highly recommend  TFA German Digital Thermometer for use with the Stevenson Screen which is an added reason to put the Weather Store Stevenson Screen on your wish list

Our recommended digital conversion (we still relish the analogue variety mind you) was prompted by the fact that Bowling Clubs or Team Captains need a quick and accurate measurement so that a decision can be made on the spot whether to continue a match or postpone the event due to excessive heat


Stevenson Screen Kit $1355.00 + GST (elsewhere up to $2200 ex UK 6-8 weeks!)

Dimensions Base 400mm x 400mm; Height 500mm; Roof 630 x 630mm Weight 20kg

The Stevenson Screen Kit includes the Weather Box; inside stand for Digital Thermometer; TFA  (German) Digital Max-Min Thermometer

We can quote on a suitable in-ground Stand for securely fixing the Stevenson Screen

The Stand is powder-coated White to match the Stevenson Screen 

We will also supply a bag of quick-set cement to ensure the Stevenson Screen stand is firmly set into the ground 


Key Features of Weatherwork’s Stevenson Screens include

  • Australian designed and made

  • Secure mounting of Thermometers inside the Stevenson Screen

  • Operating temperature range -50° to +80°

  • Long-lasting  double acrylic louvres with UV stabilisation

  • Double louvered to ensure accurate temperature readings

  • Double base for added strength and duarability

  • Nil maintenance (no painting!) just a wipe down every so often to remove dust

  • Superior in trials (UK) to wooden screens

  • No wooden componentry requiring  regular upkeep and painting

  • Arguably a state-of-the art instrument shelter made in Australia rather than being imported


  • Fabricated from high specification Polycarbonate
  • Aluminium framing with White powder coating

  • Stainless Steel (316) bolts, nuts and fixings
  • Aluminium rivets
  • UV stabilised Polycarbonate dual roof 
  • Thermoplastic reflective White louvres on the external sides
  • Thermoplastic non-reflective Black louvres on the internal sides
  •  Marine Polyamide UV stablilised door (pad-lockable door optional extra)   
  • Secure mounting(s) for thermometer and other instruments                            

Your Stevenson Screen needs to be: 

  • Away from walls, trees, concrete or bitumen footpaths, BBQ’s, Shadecloth

  • Fixed approximately 1.25m from ground level

  • In a position where air can circulate freely around the Screen

  • Cleaned  now and again (no painting is necessary)

  • Secured properly to avoid any vandalism and possibly unwanted removal  

For more information or to order a Stevenson Screen please call us on

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Bokashi! the future of LARGE VOLUME  organic waste!

The next big thing! Will be! Over 90% of waste in restaurant and caterers’ bins, is potentially recyclable, reusable and compostable using a Bokashi Works  Commercial Organic Waste Kit

For Carbon’s sake let’s do something positive about it and get a tick in the process!

Turn food waste into organic fertiliser!

Put beneficial micro-organisms to work!

Bokashi is ideal for operations which generate large amounts of kitchen waste including but not limited to:

  • hospitality industry (cafes, cafeterias, restaurants commercial caterers, hotels, lodges, B&B’s
  • mining operations and camps
  • schools, colleges, universities, TAFES
  • apartment dwellers
  • eco-lodges
  • offices
  • farming, agriculture, horticulture

Why Bokashi?

Easy! given that it’s possible to discard all your organic waste, meat, fish and dairy without creating unpleasant smells and vermin usually associated with conventional composting

Bokashi is a cost-effective and efficient way of getting rid of your kitchen/catering scraps. Developed in Japan using EM effective micro-organisms such as yeasts, it is more akin to pickling than the rotting you get with normal composting methods.

Bokashi is totally safe– it’s not genetically modified and contains no nasty chemicals

The Bokashi Bin range of commercial organic waste kits was created in Australia  for converting organic food waste into high-grade garden nutrient or soil conditioner using EM1 otherwise known as effective microbes.

Bokashi Bin  Kits range from 80 litre to 240 litres, with the mid-size 140 litre, 4 wheel version being a popular choice for businesses, schools and restaurants where over 20 litres of food waste a day or more is likely to occur

Bokashi Bin operate inside or adjoining the kitchen, food hall or pantry and  food waste is added to the bin normally on a once per day basis.The more dehydrated the waste the better as the beneficial microbes do not operate efficiently in water. Spray with  Bokashi Works Active Liquid  and re-seal the lid

Continue the process until the bin is full, normally about 2-3 (maybe less) weeks for an average commercial kitchen. Once the bin is full  tip the contents into a hole 30-40cms deep in the garden area and mix with the surrounding soil

During the composting (fermentation) process a Bokashi juice extract will be generated. Drain this every 2 to 3 days. Dilute it as a fertilizer, pour it neat down drains or the kitchen sink outlet to keep drains clean. Use the juice extract within a few days as it degenerates rapidly

Bokashi Comparative Analysis ~ courtesy BokashiCycle: The Lesson! It’s Rapid!

An Efficient Cost Effective Alternative Organic Waste Treatment Pilot Study Supporting Sustainable Farming Practices and Soil Restoration Technology Consultant Lawrence Green MD PhD Bokashicycle LLC Bokashi Fermentation Protocol # #AS09012010 September 1 – 5, 2010 Co2-you know that one! NH3 is Ammonia & CH4 Methane (you probably knew all three!)

BokashiWorks Commercial Composter Kit Benefits

  • handles a wide range of organic waste
  • produces compost within 4 weeks
  • requires little space to park the wheelie bin(s)
  • can be kept indoors
  • little or no smell, Bokashi is an odour-inhibitor
  • kitchens become more hygenic
  • fewer or no flies and other unwanted pests
  • easy to use, no mixing simply add Bokashi Active Liquid
  • no unsightly, messy compost heaps
  • saves waste food going to landfill
  • saves money with a subsequent cost reductions
  • saves the environment
  • add to conventional compost heaps or worm farms or digging into a trench for permaculture-style planting
  • eco-friendly use of the bi-product (solid) in organisation gardens, donate to the local community or give it to your employees for use in their home gardens
  • secures favourable word-of-mouth or media publicity as a responsible corporate or organisational citizen
  • increases customer loyalty and attracts new customers

Bokashi Bin Composter Kit Operation

All food scraps including small amounts of paper can go into the bin but drain off excess water as the microbes are adverse to water and juices (please don’t empty the coffee or tea urns into the bin)


  • fresh food and vegetables
  • prepared foods
  • onions and acidic matter like citrus
  • cooked and uncooked  meat and fish
  • cheese and eggs, coffee grinds, tea bags


  • liquids such as milk, orange juice, oils
  • paper, cellophane, styrofoam and similar
  • plastic wrap, aluminium foil and waste paper
  • meat bones (crushed bones are OK)
  • shells from seafood

Trial~ Demonstration Bokashi Bin System

Given that the Bokashi method of treating organic waste is still relatively in its infancy and new to many particularly on a commercial scale, we will happily install a suitably sized Bokashi commercial system in your organisational kitchen or where directed and arrange a trial for approximately 1-2 months.

An organic waste audit would be arranged to ensure the right system was installed and to assist ongoing monitoring

The trial would  be accompanied by a demonstration and discussion to ensure that relevant staff were fully conversant with the methodology

An agreed rental fee would be arrived at for the period in question and credited against the purchase of a Bokashi Works Commercial  system. Please contact our base on 0417 096 202 or alternatively contact us in the first instance via eMail

The Options: What do they cost

☺Bokashi Bin 80

$249.00 + GST + Freight


Includes Bokashi Bin Colour Coded to suit ( see below) + 1.5L  Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Black, Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                  Other Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown                                                       Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

☺Bokashi Bin 120 

$259.00 + GST + Freight

Includes  Bokashi Bin Colour Coded to suit (see below) + 1.5L Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Black, Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                  Other Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, Brown                                                       Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

☺ Bokashi Bin 140

$289.00 + GST + Freight

Includes  Bokashi  Bin Colour Coded to suit (see below) + 1.5L Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Black, Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                  Other Colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Burgundy                                   Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

☺Bokashi Bin 240 

$299.00 + GST + Freight

Includes  Bokashi Bin Colour Coded to suit (see below) + 1.5L Starter VRM Liquid Bokashi + Tamper Tool + Instructions

Standard Colours: Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey                                 Other Colours: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Burgundy, White, Purple                                                                                                                                          Mix & Match Bin and Lids: any of the above colour combinations

BokashiWorks VRM Liquid Compost  Conditioner

  • 500ml VRM Liquid Conditioner $15.00


  • 750ml VRM Liquid Conditioner $20.00

  • 1 Litre VRM Liquid Conditioner $25.00



  • ‘U’ collect from the Sustainability Store Wattle Grove (please call first 08 9359 2582)

  • other Perth metro deliveries by negotiation

  • country WA and Interstate by regular carriers’ cost

  • offshore/interstate at regular shipping/transport rates

Further information and orders please call   0417 096 202