Weatherworks Australia specialises in the fabrication & supply of quality wind &  weather instrumentation including Australian made CASA Aviation Windsocks

We strive to keep Weatherworks being voted No. 1 in wind and weather as well as providing an exemplary level of customer service 


About Weatherworks Australia

Wind and Weather instruments as well as related accessories are provided for over 400 Australian and offshore customers including: RioTinto, ExxonMobil PNG, Bechtel, ConocoPhilllips, Monadelphous, QGC, Hardi Australia, Kidman Pastoral, Georgina Pastoral, South 32, Epic Energy, Microflite, CHC Helicopters, Simplot Australia, Bomaderry Bowling Club, Eagers Brisbane, Vanuatu International Airport (PIC) and many more 


Why Order from Weatherworks?

The bonus in ordering from Weatherworks is that we do the whole ‘Turnkey’ package or Windsock System Solution ~ the Windsock, the Pole, the Bolt Cage and the Windsock Frame or Pivot so that you can keep track of what’s happening right through to getting the consignment to the local Post Office or loaded onto a truck  without having to go through a whole bevy of different suppliers or providers- ‘the buck stops right here’ as they say!’


We have access to superb engineering capabilities and supply Windsocks and Poles to the furthest extremities of the continent and freight costs even for the larger 8.5m-12.0m Windsock Poles is not a big issue


Windsocks are not only used to determine wind direction but are also utilised to indicate safety zones with a wide variety of applications from airports to helicopter landing pads embracing  industrial, mining, construction, power generation as well as sporting, recreational and decorative uses 

 How to Order or Enquire

Please call our Weatherworks Sales Team at:-

0417 096 202 or email or in the first instance to discuss your requirements; we try to be helpful and come up with the best windsock solution to suit you or your organisation. Please keep in mind that the design and production process can take some weeks so please be aware of this and order where possible well ahead


Some Factors to Consider 

  • We offer quality rather than cheapness
  • We offer a 12 months warranty against shredding of our supplied windsocks with the exception of extraordinary atmospheric conditions such as cyclones
  • We do ask however that should your windsock become prematurely shredded that the windsock be returned to us (at our cost) so that an inspection can be made to determine how we can improve
  • Our Poles and Masts  are designed to comply with AS Standards and Specifications
  • Magnetic Particle Testing can be arranged for welding on windsock poles or masts 
  • We want you as a customer or potential customer and ourselves to to be satisfied and confident in the windsock and accessories and to this end please do not mull over any problem relating to any aspect of the windsock system supplied but call us at 0417 096 202 or email

Windsock Sizes ~ Includes conventional sizes although on request any size can be manufactured

  • 1.2m (4′) x 30-35cm (14 inch) Diameter~ Stainless Steel Bridle Harness/Rigging (where required)  and Stainless Steel Swivel and Eyelets

  • 1.5m (5′) x 35-45cm (14-18 inch) Diameter ~ Stainless Steel Bridle Harness /Rigging (where required) and Stainless Steel Swivel and Eyelets

  • 1.8m (6′) x 45-60cm (18-24 inch) Diameter ~ Stainless Steel Bridle Harness/Rigging (where required) and Stainless Steel Swivel and Eyelets

  • 2.4m (8′) x 60cm (24 inch) Diameter Heavy Duty with Eyelets or Stainless Steel Bridle Harness/Rigging (where required) – also available is our exclusive purpose built rotating  316 Stainless Steel Windsock Mounting Frame (sold separately)

  • 3.6m (12′) x 90cm (36 inch) Diameter Heavy Duty with Eyelets~ recommend purpose built rotating 316 Stainless Steel Windsock Mounting Frame (sold separately)

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or

We haven’t quite reached the size below yet but would hope to at some stage!


Windsock Features & Benefits

  • Triple stitching at the Mouth and Dual at the Tail (end) adds durability to the windsock

  • Eyelets, swivels are stainless steel and these last indefinitely

  • Exclusively stainless steel Bridle/Rigging to ensure additional life

  • Colour choice including all the Pantone colours as well as the very bright standout Neon Yellow and Neon Orange hues 135cm (54″) 

  • Polyester materials used in the manufacture with Vinyl PU coating (Nylon is avoided due to its unsatisfactory UV resistance) 

  • Various weights of fabric ranging from light 145gsm to heavy duty 360gsm

  • Stainless Steel Swivels to attach the windsocks to a 360 degree  H/D SS Rotor Arm Pivot or Side Arm

  • Eyelets in lieu of Bridle Harness/ Rigging in SS to enable the windsocks to be laced or cable tied  to a Windsock Frame

  • Customised full colour printing of Logos, Company Name, Images, Lettering, Advertising Messages; ideally your request should be on a pdf @ 800+KB’s or similar

  • Stainless Steel Windsock Frames both Single and Dual with Ring/Mouth diameters from 35cm to 90cm (12″ to 36″) or larger by request

  • Illuminated and non-illuminated windsock Masts or Poles including Mains and Solar powered Poles

  • Side-Mounted windsock Poles for attaching to a building or structure

  • Fixed, Base Hinged or Mid-Hinged Poles in Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel or Marine Grade Aluminium 

  • Carbon Fibre Windsock Poles with added flexibility and less weight 
  • Bolt Cages with swivel capability to ensure the integrity and stability of our  windsock poles

  • Supplementary aids including hand-held Anemometers (Wind measuring instruments)  to enable accurate measurement and windsock shape at your location

 Windsock, Wind Cones, Wind Direction Indicators Applications


  • safety and evacuation planning
  • refrigeration, cold storage, food and beverage
  • petrochemicals, on-shore and off-shore oil & gas rigs
  • chlorine and wind-borne fumes and other gases
  • chemicals & sprays including pesticide drift
  • hospital helidecks, helipads, air ambulance stations 
  • construction, mining and quarrying
  • waste water and sewage treatment works
  • grain terminals, horticulture, farming
  • shipping, marine and ports
  • power stations, refineries, energy concerns
  • airports, airfields, heliports, private and light aircraft airstrips
  • aquatic and caravan centres
  • road and highway cross winds
  • skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding, microlight and ultra light flying
  • child care centres, schools, colleges, institutions
  • home, business, local governments, cities and towns
  • bowling clubs, surf lifesaving clubs, archery clubs, football clubs
  • ski resorts, model aircraft clubs, race courses, fun runs, water sports, golf carts 
  • innovative forms of advertising
The best Windsock story (fact or fiction?) relates to Kevin Sheedy the master AFL coach;  May 11, 1991 – Windy Hill officials, at Sheedy’s request, tied down the windsock for the club’s game against West Coast to leave the visiting team clueless about the conditions at the ground ~ that’s what you’d call a master stroke!


Our windsock assurances

Our windsock customers now number well over 400 valued clients ranging across all spheres of business, industry, government and recreational usage

  • From a durability viewpoint windsock material is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions but a yearly replacement of the windsock should be regarded as normal 

  • Notwithstanding replacement indicators Weatherworks guarantees for 12 months against shedding with a no quibble replacement policy during this period

  • We are always looking to improve the end product and we welcome customer comments and feedback to help us to do things better

Windsock Custom Printing


  • Custom printing on windsocks is increasingly popular be it your company logo, name, message or other script

  • Ideally an already high resolution logo or name will help speed-up the process or you may well have access to a graphic designer

  • Email your design or logo and we will be able to provide an estimate both in time and outlay

  • Advise on the windsock colour your prefer and the colour of any  printing and we will digitally transfer the agreed lettering or logo onto your windsock

Customer Satisfaction

It is our aim to please and the standout Rio Tinto example shown was 1800mm (6′) length x 450mm (18″) Diameter Throat Opening in Bright Neon Orange with two company names for each Heavy-Duty Windsock 

The Windsocks for Rio Tinto were supplied with 6 metre length Aluminium Marine Grade Windsock Poles with further details (see below)

Truly a superb effort by all and completed inside two weeks; we like to keep our clients happy

We can do the same for your organisation

Just give us the opportunity and call us on  0417 096 202 in the first instance or email

Windsock Colour RangeWINDSOCK UP THERE CAZALY 432x

  • Windsock colours can vary widely with  White,  Neon Yellow & Neon Orange predominating

  • At the current time we are using 135gsm knitted polyester interlocked Triglobal fabric suitable for customised digital printing of windsocks 

Windsock Pivots & Windsock Mounting Frames

  • Our precision machined and assembled windsock frames, extended frames, Rotor Arm or Sidearm Pivots both medium and heavy duty we believe are the best available
  • Stainless steel bearings are utilised in the windsock frames and ACETAL bushes are used in the Rotor Arm Pivots

Windsock Poles / Posts / Masts

  • Windsock Poles or Masts likewise vary considerably based upon end use and location with both Heavy Duty Base Plate, In-Ground and Wall Mount ‘Swing Down’ Poles in demand be they in Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel

  • Mid-Hinged Poles are ideal in situations where space maybe at a premium and cherry pickers are not accessible

  • Poles materials likewise vary and we are able to supply Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and  Aluminium  poles ranging from 3m to 8.5m

  • Into this range also is our offering of Solar or Mains Powered WDI’s (Wind Direction Indicators) with 4-Way Illumination Mounts, cabling along with the necessary Certification

  • Increasingly there is a demand for our Portable Carbon Fibre Windsock Poles which can be erected quickly for Hazard and Emergency Response Units


Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

 0417 096 202 or




TFA 35.1140.01 Wireless Weather Station Easy View Colour SPRING BREEZE

Highlights TFA 35.1140.01 SPRING BREEZE

Measures indoor temperature and relative humidity
  • weather forecast and relevant symbols
  • Indoor temperature: 0…+50 °C (+32…+122 °F), air humidity: 1…99%
  • Outdoor temperature: -40…+60 °C (-40…+140 °F), air humidity: 1…99%
  • wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity and wind speed 
  • further expandable via two additional remote sensors (optional) TFA 30.3221.02 
  • indicates indoor temperature and humidity
  • apparent temperature and dew point
  • forecast using icons with trend indication
  • wind speed (no direction) in km/h 
  • graphics windspeed
  • wind speed graph
  • min / max values ​​for wind speed and history
  • colour for easy viewing
  • short term lighting (10 sec.) when only using batteries
  • permanent lighting with mains power adapter
  • lighting adjustable max / low / off
  • radio controlled clock with date (DCF)
  • signal strength indicator / reception symbol for outdoor transmitter
  • owner’s manual
  • mains adapter
  • includes stand for upright mounting or wall mount
  • includes batteries, 2xC and 3xAAA 
  • Display size: 208 x 26 x 140 mm
  • outdoor unit size: 468 x 141 x 163 mm
  • 24 month warranty

What’s in the Box-Unpacking:

Rating: 4.8/5

Comment: We like this product as we are able to check wind speeds and correlate with our windsocks; colour display adds to the appeal with German quality as an added bonus

Comment: Courtesy Greg Pizl

“The good thing is – the SPRING BREEZE* can be extended by two more outdoor sensors. In this respect, you can quietly put the combination sensor in the sun and at least detect the wind speed with some precision and set up the second outdoor sensor according to regulations correctly.  Otherwise there is hardly anything to complain about at the SPRING BREEZE. Clearly arranged and with large numbers is the display. We especially liked that you can operate the weather station both on the mains and with batteries. The battery operation has the advantage that the display is dark after 10 seconds and therefore does not bother at night.”

Price Australia: TBA

Tags: 35.1140.01 TFA, DostmannTFA Dostmann TFA, 35.1140.01SpringBreezeWireless, WeatherStation, TFA Spring Breeze Wireless Weather Station with colour 35.1140.01

WINDMETER TFA 42.6000.06


Includes Wind Speed/Strength multiple measurements as required


  • km/h, mph, m/s,knots Beaufort
  • Wind speed measurement range 0.2…30 m/s
  • Maximum and average values
  • Temperature indicator (in °C or °F)
  • Perceived temperature (wind chill)
  • Waterproof
  • Gross weight (incl. package) 123.0 Gram
  • Dimensions (incl. package) 174 x 81 x 50 MM




Price $A 89.00 + GST + POST

Available in Store

Contact: 0417 096 202 email

Payment Card, EFT


Davis Vantage Vue WEATHER STATION 6250AU

  • Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station 6250AU gives you all the weather data you need for home, education, boating and more


  • Sleek but tough—your outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and starts sending data wirelessly to your console anywhere in your home, school, or business
  • You’ll see current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point and rainfall.
  • You’ll also get weather forecast icons, moon phase, sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends, alarms and more
  • Vantage Vue also has an innovative Weather Centre button that displays additional data on weather variables for today and previous 25 days
  • Genuine Davis Australia products are made in the USA and calibrated specifically for the Australian market and to meet local radio frequency regulations
  • Please don’t ask why the price difference direct from USA; it’s all about certification for Australian radio frequencies
  • A non-certified Vantage Vue (without an AU prefiix) will not be covered under Australian warranty
  • Please click on the below for more detail
  • 6250AU Davis Vantage Vue – $715.00 inc. GST​ + Post

  • PLEASE Click on the Spec Sheet below FOR EVEN MORE DETAIL!


Think weather think Weatherworks






Some Background to our wind chimes

These are Bass wind chimes designed and engineering precision made in Australia (read not imported)

The dulcet tones of these elegant and superbly crafted giant wind chimes ring loudly with the main tube measuring 1.35m in length or 54″ in the old scale x 75mm OD or if you will 2.4m from the top of the knot to the bottom of the wind chime sail

Not meant for a suburban house but rather rather a rural or semi-rural location with plenty of land around so that neighbours are not imposed upon; they are loud perhaps akin to cathedral bells

The wind chimes are meant to be hung outside when a permanent location has been selected and as such are built with heavy weather in mind

The tubes are engineered from ‘never-rust’ marine grade tempered Aluminium which has supposedly the best resonance of any metal with a massive 6.3mm wall thickness and a smooth powder-coat finish

Comes with pinned suspension cords in stainless steel which never rub against the chiming tubes or cause any interference with the sounds


Benefits of Wind Chimes

  • Bring good luck
  • Healing effect on mind and body
  • Release stress and emotional blockages
  • Calm the mind
  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce anger and tension
  • Bring balance and harmony to your home & garden
  • Beautiful kenetic art and pleasant melodies

The tones emanating from this custom tuned pentatonic scale are simply out of this world and truly a symphony of arresting sound whether it be in your garden or some other dedicated position

The longer the tube the lower the note and the bass wind chimes capture the the deep inspiring sounds which link us to nature and assist in taking away any tensions and promoting inner happiness; indeed the well-being generated from listening to this instrument can be likened to perfect Feng-Shui

Hanging your wind chime is a consideration and it may be located in an outdoor area or better still if you are blessed with a large suitable tree then hand it from a robust branch but not necessarily too close to the tree trunk as the aim is to get the swaying branches to help ‘rock’ the wind chimes

Price $1300.00 + GST + Freight

Colour available: GREEN

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or




Gotta have a Weathervane Rooster!! Great prezzy for Grandad, Dad, Mum or the whole family

The Weathervane Rooster (call him Harry; we did !) is great for your house, school, bowls club, golf club and any other club plus a myriad other locations; this is indeed a unique present and the rooster won’t upset the neighbours either

In fact Jerry has been rushing out the door and over 4000 of these little beauties have been sold (not all by us) so they must be good


P.S: The Rooster is not metal of any description apart from the Brass internal revolving parts but comes in high-tech Poly Carbonate


Weathervane Rooster Muli-Colour ( Made in Germany):  $89.90 + GST +  Postage

The rooster needs to be somewhere close where you can wish him the compliments of the day. Actually it’s a very comforting feeling to see the rooster happily swinging this way and that into the prevailing breeze and knowing he’ll be in the same spot when you arrive back



  • Comes Coloured only

  • Unassembled size 42cm ~ height 45cm being big enough to get noticed but without being too obtrusive

  • Warranted against defects

  • Not likely to crack up nor take off any time soon

Some Australian Background

Weathervanes are not a big item on houses in this country in contrast to Europe and indeed North America, blessed as we are with all sorts of other roof gizmos including TV aerials, air conditioners and such like to grace our buildings. We hope to gradually change attitudes and get you to appreciate these wonderful moving roof ornaments


Pricing  Rooster Weathervane

Weathervane Rooster Multi-Colour: $89.90 + GST + Postage

Please do not get this (Plastic) Rooster Weathervane confused with a steel or wrought iron Weathervanes in relation to pricing as these versions will set you back from $300 – $400 or more! We can do these also but there will be a waiting time


Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

0417 096 202 or