Mingle Instrument WW391 Weather Station

Measures temperature and humidity with style!

Mingle’s uncompromising quality in manufacturing precision weather and related instruments impresses customers and end users throughout the world

Applications Home,Office, Sports

♣ the perfect gift for professionals in any discipline

♣ excellent for temperature measurement ~ bowls, tennis, all sports

♣ excellent for any office with its superior chrome finish

♣ a quality temperature and humidity measuring instrument

♣ ideal for the home dining, games or family room

♣ suitable for schools, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, hospitals, courtyards and patios

♣ measures accurately the  in/outdoor environment


♣ large easy-to-read numbers

♣ bright graphics

♣ highly visible from a distance

♣ contemporary styling

♣ chrome metal casing

♣ no battery required

♣ non mercury

♣ diameter 206mm

♣ 12 months warranty

♣ conforms to European Œ standards

♣ pre-set, ready to use, no adjustment necessary

♣ factory tested and calibrated

♣  manufactured under ISO9001 for long-term accuracy

♣ exclusive to the Weather Store ~ Weatherworks


Price: $49.95 +GST + Postage

Should you wish to order or make further enquiries please contact us on

 0417 096 202 or